Side Effects of using Beauty Products containing Hydroquinone, Mercury etc.

There are many Whitening soaps and creams that works perfectly on both dark and light skin complexion but they are also some side effect that may occurs if used excessively. People who need skin toning products are therefore advised to consult a doctor about safe skincare products that do not contain potentially harmful ingredients.

Despite the criticism on bleaching, the demand for skin lightening soaps in Nigeria is still on the rise. It may interest you to know that nearly 77 percent of Nigerian women use skin-lightening products on a regular basis and according to WHO, this is highest percentage in the world therefore making Nigeria the biggest market for skin bleaching cream in the world.
Side Effects of Skin Care Products containing Hydroquinone.
This can causes dark patches of skin discoloration on the areas that bleaching products were used. This is condition is known as Ochronosis. People suffering from this experience serious skin discoloration whereby their skin colour may vary in shades of gray and blue.

Hydroquinone may also cause cancer and problems with the adrenal glands.

Side Effect of using Skin Care Products containing Mercury
The mercury used in most skin care products may cause some serious harm to the skin used excessively. 

Its said that Mercury can be harmful to a sensitive skin by causing skin irritation and a prolonged use of skin-care products containing mercury may lead to long-term skin problems, kidney problems and even nerve problems.
Fungal and Bacterial Infections.
Some skin whitening products have a high PH thereby making them more alkaline than acidic. This is unsafe because it then has the  tendency to leave skin susceptible to fungal and bacterial infections. 

People who have contracted infections from these products should stop using them and contact a dermatologist immediately.




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