How to Set up FTA Channels on Astra 2f 28.2 degree East and NigcomSat 1R 42.5 E

Good news, there are currently lots of exciting FTA channels on NigcomSat 1R(42.5 degree east). These channels can be tracked using the frequency 12518h/29500. I previously listed out FTA channels and frequencies on NigcomSat 1R(42.5 degree east) in my previous post.

In this post, im going to explain how to set up FTA channels and also share some list of free channels on Multi position Ku band, and how to track them.




Hardware Requirements for FTA
1. Dish ( 90cm or 60cm)
2. KU band LNB
3. You will need Quality HD and MPEG 4 satellite receivers. Note that they are many fake FTA decoder in the market so ensure you buy from authorized dealers.
– Strong Receivers – These can cost about N11,000 – N15,000 depending on the model.
– Alphabox Decoder  – N8,000 – N10,000
– Qsat, Freesat, Viewsat etc N9,000 – N10,000
You can also contact an installer to purchase all the items listed above and also track and set up your free viewing.

Multiple satellites can be tracked using one dish thereby getting more FTA channels, this is done by using multiple LNB on one dish. Read more
FTA Frequencies to Track NigcomSat 1R @42.5E
12518H/29500 (Base Frequency)

Latest Channel list from Nigcomsat 1R
TVC NEWS NIGERIA, TVC Entertainment, Movies African, NTA Maiduguri, Kids Zone, On Max 211, Beats Plus, PeoplesTV, Music24, Manara TV, MHQ, Rayuwa AVC, Silverbird 203, France 24, Play TV, Arewa 24, Wazobia Max, Soundcity 212, LTV, Emerald TV, MiTV_NaijaFM, Wazobia_WazobiaFM, Trybe, Spice TV, Televista, MTV Base Africa, Fox News, FLN, Fox News, FLN, Fox Life, Pop Africa, Child Smile, Baby TV, ARTV AVC, Preach tV, ACBN TV, BCS TV (StarCross), MFM TV, Untouchable TV, Dunamis TV, FiTV Network



And more…. 

FTA Frequencies to Track Multi TV ( Astra 2f @ 28.2 degree East) 
12522 V 30000

Channels on Multi-tv Astra 2f @ 28.2 degree East include :
Joy Prime TV (Ghana) , Cine Afrik, Core TV (Nigeria), Galaxy TV, XYZ TV (Ghana), Joy News, Adom TV, Guidance TV, Ghana TV, TV 3 (Ghana), TV Africa, TV Gold, Gh One, Zoe TV, ZTV Ghana, Amansan TV, Precious TV, Kessben TV, ICE TV, Sagani
And more….

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