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You’ll be Fined or Jailed in Nigeria for Smoking at these Public Places

The federal government has set a fine of N50,000 or possible jail term for smoking in certain public places in Nigeria.  The “Clean Air Campaign” was set up by the ministry of health to protect and promote the citizens’ right to health, life, physical integrity and safety.

Hence public smoking in the following places in Nigeria is prohibited;
1. Child care facilities
2. Educational facilities
3. Health care facilities
4. Playgrounds, Amusement parks
5. Public parks (gardens),
6. Stadia,
7. Restaurants/bars,
8. Public transportation parks
9. Plazas.
According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), second-hand tobacco smoke is currently responsible for the  deaths of about 600,000 people yearly. So therefore, assist the Federal Ministry of Health to ensure a tobacco-free Nigeria.

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