Download Latest ALPHABOX X6+ and GSKY V5 Powervu Patch for Sport24HD

and GSKY has both released a new test firmware patch for Sport24HD. These patch
are currently supported on ALPHABOX X6+ and GSKY V5 satellite receivers. The powervu
patch software have been confirmed by working as at the time on writing this

How to Unscramble Sport24HD using
Latest Patch
the Latest PowerVu patch for your Receiver;








upgrade your decoder using the patch software by following the step below;
Disclaimer: I will not
be held responsible for any damage that may occurs during this process.

1. Copy the
Extracted the file into the flash drive or USB Disk

2. Plug the
drive into the decoder through usb port

3. Press menu,
navigate to USB UPGRADE

4. Locate the
file and Press Ok button to start upgrading

5. After
successful upgrading wait for the decoder to reboot

6. If your
decoder is not factory reset by default, kindly do factory reset before Setting
up your decoder and rescan the channels back

7. Leave it for
a while on sport24HD and the channels will start coming up within 1minutes


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8. Alphabox x6 combo is
highly recommend to update the softcam through network after the upgrade by
Pressing Menu, Navigate to Settings then dial 2778 to get permission to ACCESS
CONTROL then Press OK button on softcam key and Press ok button again to get
the latest softcam key loaded or  setup
your internet of your decoder then reboot your decoder and wait for few seconds
to get new softcam key update appear on your screen and select ok to get new
softcam key loaded and once it display successful then you are good to go.

How to Unscramble Sport24HD using Latest Patch – Download latest 2017 ALPHABOX X6+ and GSKY V5 Powervu auto roll Patch


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  1. alphabox x6+ combo stb work on Biss key autoroll…?

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