Study in Europe from Nigeria in 2018: Top Tuition Free Universities, Requirements and How to Apply

Study in Europe 2018: Tuition Free Schools for International Students – How to Apply

One of the benefits of studying in Europe which international students appreciate so much are the free education or affordable tuition fees.

They are various universities offering scholarships and low tuition fees all across Europe which international students from Africa, Asia, South America etc are currently benefiting from by running various undergraduate and master degree programmes.






    According to the BBC, The world’s international student population numbers more than 3.7 million, and is increasing by about 12% each year. In Nigeria, Ghana and other African countries, they have been a significant increased in student visa applications to study in Europe.

    Some of the motives for the constant migration of Nigerian and other African students;
    1. Better job opportunities
    2. Preference for foreign certificates
    3. Low cost of living
    4. Behavioral development
    5. Advanced teaching methods
    This post will list of Low Tuition and Tuition Free higher instituitions in european countries to study your undergraduate and master degree programmes.

    List Universities in Europe offering Free Tuition in 2018

    1. K.U. Leuven University, Belgium – The university organises an annually scholarship programme for candidates from developing countries to study Doctoral or pre-doctoral programmes(Phd Scholarships) in the Schools of Humanities and Social Sciences, Science, Engineering and Technology, or Biomedical Sciences. To apply – Click Here
    2. Mälardalen University, Sweden. – If you are searching for scholarships in Sweden, it may interest you to know that Mälardalen University offers a limited numbers of scholarships to students applying for a Master’s programme in Sweden annually. To Apply – Click Here

    Top 10 European Countries that Offer Free Low Cost High Education

    1. Germany
    2. France
    3. Denmark
    4. Finland.
    5. Iceland
    6. Norway
    7. Sweden
    8. Austria
    9. Czech Republic
    10. Greece


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