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Hi all, for those of you that have intentions of travelling to English speaking countries like US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and many others  for further studies or employment, you must need to prove that you can communicate well in  English. Your capability to communicate well in English will involve;

 1. Ability to read textbooks, letters, signs and billboards, etc,
2. Ability to listen to conversations, news, information etc.
3. Ability to Speak to Professor at school, colleagues at work, various people you meet and
4. Ability to write school exams, letters etc.

You have to prove all these before you could be admitted to schools or gain employment to work in these countries. For you to prove these, you must write and pass an English language test administered by some bodies like the British Council for Britain and countries that follow British education system or Education Testing Service (ETS) for US or countries that follow American education system.

The British Council administers International English Language Testing System (IELTS), whereas Education Testing Service administers Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

These tests examine your ability to Read, Listen, Speak and Write in English Language. There are many ways to prepare for these tests. I have the best manuals, CDs and textbook to make you prepare, write and pass these two tests in one sitting.

 For those preparing the IELTS exam, I have the latest Achieve IELTS pratice test book with; 4 practice tests, 2 audio CDs, three key 4 Tips on how to prepare. This book is by Marshal Cavendish Education and goes for just $20. Interested people can contact me by whatsapp through 08182827966 or email [email protected].



For those preparing for the TOEFL IBT test, I have The Official and latest Guide to the TOEFL Test 4th Edition (Ebook+CD-ROM) for sale at just $20

On the ETS website, both are $45. Interested students can contact me via whatsapp on +2348182827966 or email [email protected] thank U.




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