Factors and Guidelines for NYSC Redeployment/Relocation

The NYSC management can grant a corp members redeployment request under the following conditions;

1. Marriage – This applies to ladies who are married. However all required document must be provided before Relocation request can be approved. The document need are;

i. Marriage Certificate
ii. Change of name in any of the National Newspaper
iii. A letter from your husband’s office as an evidence that your husband is domiciled in the state you want to relocate to.
2. Health Reasons– Due to the fact that corp members often take advantage of this to redeploy. The NYSC Management has now made this criteria very strict.

 If a corps member wishes to redeploy from one state to another he/she will need to provide medical report from NYSC institution’s medical Centre or a recognized General Hospitals, Federal Medical Centres, Military/Police Hospital reports. And claimed to medical case history are subject to further confirmation to establish their authenticity
Security – Prospective corp member often fear to report at their orientation camps due to security reason. Some of the affected regions in northern Nigeria are Borno, Adamawa, Gombe, Yobe. Therefore, if a corp member wishes to relocate from these states after the orientation, The NYSC Management will approve the request.

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How to Apply for NYSC Relocation/Redeployment

There are two major methods for applying to relocate from one state to another.
1. You can apply for redeployment on while on Camp;
During the mandatory NYSC orientation exercise, corp members will be given relocation forms in camp. Fill the form, stating your reason for relocation with evidence.
2. Applying for NYSC relocation Online via NYSC portal.
A corp member can apply online by visiting the NYSC Portal.
Sign in and Click on Relocate and filling in the form.
You will be notified via text if your application was successful.
How to Print NYSC Online Relocation & Redeployment Letter

Login to the NYSC portal
Go to “manage relocation” – you will pay a fee of N1000 to process redeployment.
Now print your payment receipt
You will now be redirected to a page to print your relocation letter.




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