FTA Frequency for KS1, ESport, OPM TV & ICE TV on SRT Receiver

Good news for FTA cable subscribers that are using the Strong D60M package. If you missed the post I publish previously about SRT D60Myou can read about it HERE.

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Four new channels can now be tracked and viewed using strong FTA receiver on the D60M package, below are the new channels;
KS1 – Sport Channel
ESport – Sport Channel
OPM TV – Religious Channels
ICE TV – Entertainment English Speaking Channel
Chief TV – Religious Channel 

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Satelite Position & Frequencies to Track New FTA Channels
Below the frequencies to get the KS1, ESport, OPM TV, ICE TV and Chief TV using a strong receiver.
ESport and KS1 are Sport Channels on Eutelsat 7B/7A (7° East). You can also watch LIVE soccer games on KS1.
KS1 – 10721/ H / 30000
ESport 10846 / H / 30000
OPM TV & Chief TV are Religious channels on Eutelsat 7B/7A (7° East) & Astra 2F (28° East).
OPM TV –  10887 / H / 30000 (Eutelsat 7B/7A (7° East))
Chief TV – 11595 / V / 30000 (Astra 2F (28° East) )
ICE TV is an Entertainment Channel on Astra 2F (28° East)



ICE TV 11595 / V / 30000


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