ASANTEE Beauty Products ▷ Papaya Soap and Body Lotion | Price | Bleaching Side Effect.

Asantee Skin Care Herbal Products are considered as one of the most really effective and best skin lightening soaps and Cream in the Nigerian Market.

Benefits of ASANTEE Papaya Soap
ASANTEE Papaya Soap features time-proven anti-ageing ingredients such as Q10, AHA Collagen, Papaya, Honey and Vitamin C. This amazing skin skin lightening soap works by  peeling off your old skin cells. Then leaves a rich lather and a great smell. It has been proven to make your skin one tone lighter and can be used on your face if your skin is not too sensitive.




Where to Buy ASANTEE Herbal Lightening Skin Products
Below are various types of ASANTEE products and their prices on JUMIA online retail stores;
1. Asantee Papaya And Honey Soap – View Price
2. Asantee Rice Milk With Collagen View Price
3. Asantee Turmeric & Ginger Salt Spa Honey + Collagen View Price
4. Asantee Carrot With Honey Soap View Price
5. Asantee Somphutip Herbal Medicated Soap View Price
To view a Full Price list ASANTEE Product – Click HERE





Side Effects of Skin Bleaching
Despite that criticism on bleaching, the demand for skin lightening soaps in Nigeria is still on the rise. It may interest you to know that nearly 77 percent of Nigerian women use skin-lightening products on a regular basis and according to WHO, this is highest percentage in the world therefore making Nigeria the biggest market for skin bleaching cream in the world.

There are many Whitening soaps that works perfectly on both dark and light skin complexion but they are also some side effect that may occurs if used excessively. People who need skin toning products are therefore advised to consult a doctor about safe skincare products that do not contain potentially harmful ingredients.

However, ASANTEE Beauty products contain ingredient which are NOT harmful to the skin.


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