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All Boonbuy FAQs: Payments & Bank Issues on boonbuy.net

Q. Can I use ATM transfers, Quickteller and Mobile Banking?
A. NO. All payments are done at the market place by buying BBN Coin

Q. Why does my withdrawal show successful and I didn’t get alert in my account?
A. It means Boonbuy has processed your payment but your bank has failed to effect your payment. If it continues after waiting for 24 hours, call 0802 8855 951 for assistance and send an email to refund@boonbuy.net .

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Q. Why does my activation exceed 24 hours?
A. Delay in bank remittance to our official bank account. If the system is not accepting your teller no, kindly send email to teller@boonbuy.net . Use the format below.

Teller no:
Q. I am new and i used ATM transfer. When will my account get activated?

A. Unfortunately, ATM, Quickteller and Mobile Banking are no longer permitted. New funders should Go to “Market Place” to purchase BBN Coin for fast activation.

Q. I just purchased BBN Coin for my Investment plan, How do i activate my account?
Go to Plans in your account. Now click “Activate “.

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