Code to Borrow Data(MB) from Glo | 200% Bonus | 11k/s & More

Glo recently introduced some new and exciting services to its subscribers. These services are;
  • Glo Borrow Me Data
  • Double Free Tomorrow
  • Gbam Plus 11k/s For All
  • IDD Packs.

Below are full instructions on how to activate the services listed above.
Glo Borrow Me Data – this service allows Glo subcribe request for data credit and pay later on their next recharge. Subscribers can borrow up to 2GB of data on Glo Borrow me Data. The offer includes how long a customer has been on the network and the average monthly data usage. To borrow data on Glo dial *321# and follow the instruction.

Double Free Tomorrow
This service reward glo subscribers 200% bonus of the amount spent on Calls, SMS and data. This bonus can then the used the next day. So when you spend more today, you get to enjoy even more tommorow.  To enjoy the service, subscribers need to dial *300#.
Gbam Plus 11k/s For All
If you’re looking for cheap call rate for making international and local calls, then try out Glo Gbam. The service offer 11k/s to calls made to up 30 top destinations. To activate Glo Gbam Plus dial *211#. The service has a N5 daily access fee.
IDD Packs – Just Gbam plus, this plan is design for to offer affordable rate to 30 major international destinations like United States, United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa, India, China and Japan for as low as N6.60 per minute. There is IDD N100, N200, N500 and N1000.

IDD 100 – this offer 12mins of call and is valid for 3days
IDD 200 – this offer 24mins of call and is valid for 7days
IDD 500 – this offer 60mins of call and is valid for 14days
IDD 1000 – this offer 150 mins of call and is valid for 30days




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