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Its a shame that some people will try to tarnish the image of such a wonderful donation-exchange community by doing fraudulent activities such as uploading a false proof of payment(POP). The issue of Fake Proof of Payment in MMM Nigeria is becoming very rampant.

Therefore In this post, I’m going to provide a solution to the problem of Fake Proof of Payment (POP) in MMM Nigeria.

If your sender has uploaded fake bank receipt or payment screenshot, wait for 48 hours first, after this the half mark green circle changes to Question Mark (?), then simply follow the step below;
1. Click ‘Funds are NOT Received‘.

2. Go to your Bank to collect Bank Statement for the period under review (stamped and sealed).

3. Open the ORDER chat box (Message) that is above the details button of the ORDER.

4. Make a complain explaining the situation with accurate information, then attach your official bank statement from the order creation date till the current date to confirm that payment was not received.

5. Now click Send.

This problem is investigated only by the CRO. The CRO accept ONLY official documents to confirm or cancel an order. Therefore, you need to provide your stamped bank statement in the ORDER CHAT BOX.
Also go to Support and make a complain using these same step.

Now wait for Support/CRO team to act on your complaint.

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  1. Pls I requested to get help on the 24th d person they matched 2 pay me uploaded a fake proof of payment, I didn't get any alert and I also tried 2 call but d digits of his phone number is incomplete. I have written to support and CRO wit bank statement uploaded and all but their response is that my case has been solved but I have not been matched wit another person to pay me. What should I do?

  2. please i requested help on the 24th pf nov also but the person uploaded a fake proof which was totally not in correlation with my bank i habe written to support about this and it's three days now, not even a reply from them, please what else do i need to do??

  3. I have over 10 accounts I am managing for people, three people made payments today and brought the tellers to me,somehow, I mixed them up on my phone and uploaded the wrong ones tk an account that the owner hasn't even made a deposit, how do I delete these wrongly uploaded tellers

  4. Pls I requested to get help on the 1st of December d person they matched 2 pay me uploaded a fake proof of payment, I didn't get any alert and I also tried 2 call but she's not responding to me. I have written to support and CRO (no bank statement because my bank branch is not where I am)but their response is that my case has been solved but I have not been matched wit another person to pay me. What should I do?

  5. What I don't get is why support keeps writing ur request has been closed since ur case has been solved or u haven't replied to mmm support service 4 7days. Meanwhile the case has not been solved because I have not been matched with another person

  6. I'm having the same problem . I PH and uploaded a teller and called the reciver and his said he got the alert but he cannot confirm me because according to him he was block and cannot get access to his PO. I have written to support and click disturbing them in the msg box but no reply. Is it possible for the receiver to confirm me once they unblock him?

  7. Yes it is. But it may take days before they unblock him.

    Have you tried asking the receiver to refund your money?!

    However, If the receiver fails to confirm, the CRO will confirm your payment. But this may take a while.

  8. I av same problem of fake payment upload I got my statement from my bank by mail it was clearly written there that is computer generated and doesn't require signature this will make it a week I wrote to CRO no response am worried

  9. I reported an issue to support and CRO of someone who uploaded fake payment advice. This went on until the dude did the right thing but after the payment period given on the plaform. I confirmed his payment on the platform. few days later, i was blocked with the message your personal account is blocked. i have written serverally to support narrating the issue but each time i get the message ”my problem has been accepted for solution”. this is the seventh day now. What do I do?

  10. Pls, I was paired to split my money to four persons. In order words,i provided help for four people yesterday. Three persons have confirmed my payment while one has not. I have been calling her as well as her guilder's numbers but none is available or connecting. What do I do? If u refer me to anybody pls include the link I can get in touch with the person. Thanks so much

  11. Do nothing, Just wait, after 48 hrs if she hasnt confirmed it, there will be a question mark on the order box, Now write in the message order box saying that you have paid, then wait for the CRO to judge. She will be blocked and you will be confirmed

  12. CRO only accepts stamped bank statement.

    When they eventually reply you. Your online bank statement may be rejected and your case might be judged in favor of the other participant.

  13. I was paired with 3 persons made payment to the 2and the 3,second confirmed me,l couldn't upload the teller of the 3rd before time up due to network, while the first brought in another acct number and l clicked on I refused to pay and l gave my reasons,only for me to later discovered l have been blocked, what do l do because l have written to support team and up till now l have not received an answer and is up to a week,l have an order on this Acct that have not been made.thks

  14. I have been paired after 16 days. Thanks guys. I almost gave up by confirming the payment in did not receive.

    Please be aware fake POP user Oyindamola Onifade. This one of the Nigerians that do not encourage this nation.

  15. Please how long does it take to resolve this issue of false POP from the time you lodge complaint in the order chat box? Am is that situation, I have lodge complaint and yet to get resolution

  16. how long do you have to wait after lodging the complain in the order chat box?

    The person matched with me uploaded a sheet of paper and just wrote with pen amount he was supposed to pay. He told me he is not paying any one since he was asked to pay in bitcoin and did not pledge in bit coin. Now, am stuck. I have written and still waiting on action.

  17. i was merged with someone to pay me on d 6th which he didnt and uploaded fake prof of payment, i have called him but he said he cant pay me cus he was expecting money which he didnt get.

  18. pls i requested payment on d 6th of dis month and i was merged with someone who didnt pay me but uploaded fake prof of payment and i hv called him but he said dat he is sorry and dat he cudnt get d money he was expecting so wat do i do

  19. I was matched to pay a person whose account name is incomplete like(Daniel o.o) which the bank refuse to accept my payment, until I provide Atleast one of the initial. Due to limited time, I uploaded a picture because his number was not going through and his guider. I went to the bank the next day and beg the cashier which she help me out with one of the initial(Daniel oseh o.) And have made payment but he refuses to confirm it. And I have written to the support and uploaded my teller but no reply yet. Pls what should I do?

  20. hello Mr strider, please are you saying that you were matched with someone else in 16 days right from the day you got help. please how many times did you also write to support. please share some useful tips and advice concerning the fake Pop issue. thanks

  21. One of the participants paired with me uploaded a fake teller, I immediately wrote on the order message box that she uploaded a fake teller, cos it was very clear. She was to pay me a hundred thousand and she uploaded a fake screen shot of 20k. The follow morning I called her, she apologized and since then her phone has been switched off. I av uploaded my stamped bank statement to the order message box backed up with little epistle. Pls what next I'm I suppose to do cos I wrote to support and they said my case has been closed

  22. Just when CRO replied after 2wks to tell me 2 upload my bank statement from d day I was matched till the day they replied me. Making it d 2nd bank statement I was getting d fool that was matched to pay me finally paid after 2wks and called on d phone dat I shud confirm and also wrote in d message bank dat I shud confirm him. I was so mad, if not 4 the money I had in d account I wudnt have done so. All d stress, bank charges for printing 5pages twice very annoying.

  23. Good evening.. I am member of MMM i was matched to pay 8 participant which i paid and 2 of them refused to confirmed me.. and one of the two was asking me to pay into another account details apart from the one that i got from the order.. i explained to him that the money has been paid already but he refused to confirm my pay payment since then.. i wrote to support and also on the order message… attached my payment proof to them but i got no response from the CRO for the past 2 weeks now..
    what is the solution please.. ??

  24. Pls don't pay into an account that is not listed in the order box.

    Just be patient. For now the system has PAUSED and Frozen Mavros for 30 days COUNTING From the day you PH. But the CRO will still solve your case.

    Disregard any rumors that MMM Nigeria has crashed

  25. Someone who was suppose to PH to me did not meet the time line. CRO has cancelled the other but I still have not being rematch with another person. Can I cancelled my RH Completely pending when this freezing thing will end

  26. pls mr strider. are u saying it took in total 16 days from when you got help, for you to be matched with someone else?. Please help also how many times did u write to support. Thanks

  27. Hello can somebody Help me here.. Something strange happens on my PO.. since last year a woman upload fake proof of payment for me the sum of 62,000 Naira and today will make it 46days. I have wrote to the support with every necessary documentsuch as my bank statement dated and sign.. yesterday I tried to get hep from my PO and they are saying the maximum withdraw for me is 105,000 while I am having 167,000 in my mavro account excluded to the 62k with fake teller… can somebody help me out. this mmm things have being so fraustrating

  28. Somebody uploaded fake teller for me and I have support uploaded my bank statement of account but to my surprised up till now nothing has been done about it pls help

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