Steps to Report & Solve Fake Proof of Payment in MMM – Nigeria

Its a shame that some people will try to tarnish the image of such a wonderful donation-exchange community by doing fraudulent activities such as uploading a false proof of payment(POP). The issue of Fake Proof of Payment in MMM Nigeria is becoming very rampant.

Therefore In this post, I’m going to provide a solution to the problem of Fake Proof of Payment (POP) in MMM Nigeria.

If your sender has uploaded fake bank receipt or payment screenshot, wait for 48 hours first, after this the half mark green circle changes to Question Mark (?), then simply follow the step below;
1. Click ‘Funds are NOT Received‘.

2. Go to your Bank to collect Bank Statement for the period under review (stamped and sealed).

3. Open the ORDER chat box (Message) that is above the details button of the ORDER.

4. Make a complain explaining the situation with accurate information, then attach your official bank statement from the order creation date till the current date to confirm that payment was not received.

5. Now click Send.

This problem is investigated only by the CRO. The CRO accept ONLY official documents to confirm or cancel an order. Therefore, you need to provide your stamped bank statement in the ORDER CHAT BOX.
Also go to Support and make a complain using these same step.




Now wait for Support/CRO team to act on your complaint.



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  1. Hello someone uploaded fake pop,I wrote to support and CRO,and I also uploaded the fake teller and my statement of Acc, please how will I know my message was read or received..

  2. Somebody uploaded fake teller for me and I have support uploaded my bank statement of account but to my surprised up till now nothing has been done about it pls help

  3. Hello can somebody Help me here.. Something strange happens on my PO.. since last year a woman upload fake proof of payment for me the sum of 62,000 Naira and today will make it 46days. I have wrote to the support with every necessary documentsuch as my bank statement dated and sign.. yesterday I tried to get hep from my PO and they are saying the maximum withdraw for me is 105,000 while I am having 167,000 in my mavro account excluded to the 62k with fake teller… can somebody help me out. this mmm things have being so fraustrating

  4. Pls i was merged to be paid but the person uploaded fake pop, so i got my statement of account and uploaded to cro but no reply yet its now 23 days and m soo worried

  5. pls mr strider. are u saying it took in total 16 days from when you got help, for you to be matched with someone else?. Please help also how many times did u write to support. Thanks

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