GLO 4G: Code to Check Phone LTE Compatibility & Steps to Activate.

Finally Glo now offers 4G LTE data service to its subscribers. The telecommunication giant are the first to rolls out a nationwide 4G LTE network in Nigeria and personally I can’t wait to try it. However to use this service there are a few procedures subscribers have to take in order to activate GLO 4G LTE on their line.
How to Enable your SIM for Glo 4G.

Before we begin ensure you have a smartphone that supports 4G LTE. If you’re not sure, simply text 4G to 400 and you’ll receive a message notifying you of your device LTE compatibility status.




Then visit the nearest Glo office and request for a 4G sim swap. You’ll be given a GLO 4G SIM card.

Now dial *777# to choose a suitable Glo 4G Data plan.
You can also share your GLO 4G LTE data via wi-fi hotspot using LTE enabled devices like a router or smartphone.







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