Auto Roll Fix for MTN Worldwide | HBO Sony | Sport24(34.5W) on GSKY V6 Powervu

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A new GSKY V6 powerusoftware for your decoder has been release for download and this software is the fix for the auto roll algorithm problems which most West African and East African GSKY receivers users are currently experiencing. 
This update works perfectly for MTN Worldwide Powervu package and fixes HBO/CNN on Sony 68.5e. And also, to fix sport 24(MTN Worldwide Package) problem simply select 57e NSS12 in default satellite and scan for 34.5w(Intelsat903)




How to Download & Update GSKY V6 Decoder with Latest PowerVu Auto Roll Software
To download GSKY V6 software version 20160822, click HERE

If the file is compressed in .zip or .rar, make sure you extra it before copying to USB flash. Now copy the GSKY V6 xxxx.bin file into your flash drive and insert it into the USB port of your receiver.

Locate the USB upgrade menu on your decoder from Tools > USB Upgrade. You will then see the firmware listed, select it and wait for the update to move from 0% – 100%. Make sure your power isn’t interrupted in the process.

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Price of GSKY V6 Powervu Decoder
GSKY receivers are currently one of the FTA receiver in the world currently. They are DVB-S2/S and support full HD 1080p. The decoders are enabled with MPEG2 and MPEG4 video and can receive up to 6000 premium and FTA channels. You can get a GSKY PowerVu receiver for about N20,000 or less depending on seller.
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  1. Pls can I get the latest auto roll software of sports hd24 for my strong srt 4950h decoder?

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