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New Quick Methods to Activate a Boonbuy Account via BBN Coin or Bank Payment

Funders can activate a new account for a prospective funder using BBNcoins. This process is very easy and activation is done instantly.

First, the new funder has to register on boonbuy and select and investment plan. 

To create an account – Click Here. Also Choose Online Transfer as Payment Method.

 Note – New Funders who register as my downlines can also contact me for BBN Coin by messaging BUKAS in the “Boonbuy market place”, Join the Telegram Group HERE or Leaving a comment below.

Now the Sender transfers the BBN Coin to the new funder, to learn how to do this – Click Here.

Activating a new plan using BBN Coin
1. Once the BBN Coin has been sent to the username of the New Funder(Receiver)
2. The receiver should go to dashboard and Transfer the BBN Coin to Margin Wallet
3. Then go to Plan and Click Activate.

Your plan will be activated instantly.

Note: 1 BBNcoin = N0.95

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  1. How do u mean transfer bbncoins. What if my coins are not enough? How does my funder pay for her plan into the bbn account

  2. I had done everything you wrote for activation & even more but I'm still yet to get activated on a 100k plan which i effected payment for via teller method since 2nd of May. The worse part is none of their contacts ever goes through. Pls assist me with a viable alternative

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