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Register & Login at nigeria-mmm.net – Earn 30% Monthly by Rendering Help.

Hello, have you heard of MMM – Nigeria? A global community of financial aid and donation exchange that guarantees a 30% return on investments (ROI) after 30days. This scheme is becoming very popular and many Nigerians are earning using MMM just by providing help.

How does MMM- Nigeria work?
It is quite simple, MMM Community members donate money to each other. MMM only connects the donator and receiver. The donator renders help, then becomes eligible to ask for help in 30days receiving 30% interest.
In summary, it gives one the opportunity to earn 30% of your deposit monthly. If you Invest N50,000, it means you will be eligible to earn N65,000 after 30days.

How Can I Sign Up for MMM and what are the Requirement?
MMM is currently available in many countries. Members must be 18+ to register. You are required to provide a valid email address for verification, Contact Address and a Bank Account Number to receive your payment. To register an MMM-Nigeria account CLICK HERE

New Members also get a $20, $50 or $100 Registration Bonus, depending on how much they invest.  

For instance:
Invest $50 – $499 = You get $20 bonus
Invest $500 – $2999 = You get $50 bonus
Invest $3000 and more = You get $100 bonus

After registration, then you make a pledge(Provide Help). You will be contacted to make a deposit when a member needs help.

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What do i do after i make payment(Provide Help)?
When you’ve successfully deposited funds into a members account, you are also to login to your mmm office and upload a proof of payment, the member will then confirm the payment from his/her account when an alert is received.

When will i be eligible to ask for help on MMM?
Members can ask for help 30 days from when they made their pledge. Now getting back their money with 30% interest and a $20, $50 or $100 Bonus(New Members).

Can MMM Crash or be Banned?
This can only happen if the number GH > PH.

Start Investing with MMM today. To Begin Sign up HERE

After registering make sure you do the following;

  • Confirm both your email address and your phone number
  • Add your Banking Details or Bitcoin Address
  • Provide Help (PH). Do this immediately after you have added your banking details, so you start earning on day 1.
  • Login everyday, as you never know what kind of news or information you might find in your account.

Visit www.mmmoffice.com to login to your personal office.

If you need more information on MMM Nigeria, ask by leaving a comment below.

DISCLAIMER: Buka’s Blog is NOT in any way affiliated to GreenSpeer, MMM or any other Ponzi scheme. Members should participate at their own risk.

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  1. Do u know of any1 that has been scammed by MMM?, No!

    Yes! The Ponzi Scheme is risky. All MMM Members know this, and agreed to the terms and conditions, but it has helped alot of people during these hard times.

    Everything in life is a risk. Even depositing your hard earned money in the bank is risky.

  2. pls i registered somebody on 1st october and he provided a help but am not seeing my percentage on my account as a referrer instead is ur name and email that is showing as his referrer i think there is a mistake somewhere pls how will i change it?

  3. pls my account has been block. i was matched on friday with 7 accounts ,i couldnt complete all the payment dat friday then on saturday after using internet baking to pay the last account while uploading the comfirmation the net was bad and my time got finished. right now they have blocked the account after making all the payment. pls how can they unblock the account .

  4. Good morning pls help me check on your participants list if paul Ohuche name is there. if some has registered and provide help but has not been confirmed/matched with a participant is it possible for you to cancel the registration and re register again later.

  5. what if you have pay the money to the person account and the person as not confirm that you've pay the money; till the time the kept for you expired and you are blocked. what will you do?

  6. In a situation like that, if u have paid and uploaded proof of payment but the person is yet to confirm the payment. You wouldn't be blocked.

    It would be reviewed by Moderators(Guiders) of both members and if the person is found guilty he/she will be blocked and you will be confirmed.

  7. How To Upload Payments Proof On MMM Site Portal.

    If you paid with cash, snap or scan the receipt
    if you paid via Internet Banking, Make a screenshot

    Step 1. Login to MMM and click on details in the widget that will be displayed to you.

    Step 2. In the pop up that shows, Click "i concent"

    Step 3. Click "I completed this payment" I completed payments .png

    Step 5. Upload the file you snapped with the form that appears upload payment proof .png

    Step 6. Type in a message if you choose to. After that, click continue and the icon for the widget of this transaction will change to " Half of a
    green good mark"

    Step 8: Wait for the receiver to confirm the payment that you have made and then your account will be credited.

  8. What happens if the person to whom the money was sent to does not pay back at the end of 30days?
    2.How do you make your own profit
    3.if I want to borrow money, what are the conditions and do I pay back with same 30% interest?
    4.Can I pay the receiver a teller machine and if yes how do I prove that I have done so?

  9. Frozen is an amount(bonus) that is yet to reach its release date. For example – +$50 will be awarded to you, if your contribution is from $500 to $2999. this bonus is frozen for a month.

  10. Hello Sir, Your question is confusing, I don't think you fully understand how MMM works.

    You Provide Help >> You GET HELP(GH) >> with 30% Interest(30 days)<<

    And for you to get paid, the system will auto-match you with another member

  11. Hello, I'm not sure you can change your MMM email but You can change your password by visiting mmmoffice.com and click on "Get a new Password". When you've changed your password & log into your account, then you can also change your phone number.

  12. @ebuka, pls I jux need ur assistant. I hav provided help since last month. So I ask for help now but av not been matched for d past 2weeks now. I write to support but nothing av been done since dat time. Pls wot can l do?

  13. Good day Ebuka…. I appreciate the good work u are doing here. Please I want to know if there is a minimum time given or Minimum days given after I have PH before I could be matched. Thank in anticipation

  14. Hello Samuel, I understand your concern. The process is automated. I know of people who also waited for weeks before they where matched and PAID. You will be matched with someone eventually.

  15. Once your money is due, withdraw it. its not advisable to leave it there to grow.This helps to make the community grow and work better.

  16. pls if u make payment to a person, u know u will have to upload the prove of payment—-teller……..pls what if the person u paid the money into his account refuse to confirm your payment what happen??? becos without the person confirmation u not receive help. pls tell me what measure have they taken to prevent this

  17. Every member has a Guider, its the duty of the guiders to handle issues like this.

    If a member is refusing or delaying the confirmation of a payment, all you need to do is use the MESSAGE BOX at the top right corner of the transaction box to upload a proof of payment & write a message informing the guide of the problem.

    The person will be blocked immediately if he/she is found guilty and your payment will be confirmed.

  18. Please I have paid to my partner account an he claimed that he has confirmed it but is still showing green color,please I hve register again with the same account an email address,I want to know if it will affect me.

  19. Thanks Ebuka.. But what I mean is that I have pledged to provide help for I week now but no order has been sent so that I can pay the pledge… So is there a minimum time automated before the sysyem can assign you who to pay the money to, thanks for your help

  20. Hello Ebuka, after getting help and bonus as a new member do you make a fresh pledge again to continue in the business or you'll be automatically matched again with another member?

  21. please my the help i provided ie under principla amount column is in naira bu my mavro under the column "current date"is runnings as USD instead of Naira how is it going to affect me

  22. I registered recently and provided a help of 20k, hw long will it take for me to be matched and wat if am not match wit someone after one month wat will happen pls. Thanks

  23. Hello Ebuka. Hw can I register on my own without any referral. I want to do it by myself.And please gv me the directives on hw to register.

  24. A Hellooo ebuka kudos to you for your excellent advice and sensitization. I want to know if i get registered, and ph, then after depositing ph into a participant account, is it possible to request for gh immidiately you make payment into a participant account in other to gh at at that end 30 dayz. Because from what i have find out some person request to ph and its says two weeks before they are matched to whom they will make deposit (ph) to and another duration of waiting to get ur help back. Hope you derived the point am trying to make?
    My second question is can one pv like 2or 3times withing a week before requesting for gh (get help? And if yes can mmm office identify you are the one that have pv for three or two times and how are you gonna get ur help,can you get ur three help back in 30dayz????.

  25. 1). In some cases you have to wait 30days before you can request to GH. Your earning grows Tuesday and Thursdays. The longer you leave it, the higher the profit.

    2). Remember the scheme is RISKY. If you want to PH multiple times, Fine, its allowed. Just do it with wisdom. Each PH will be treated normally like others(PH & GH in 30days).

  26. There is no vacuum anywhere on earth. The mmm is from the west and the grand plan is capital flight from Nigeria. Now the dollar is high and any investment from these white guys into the mmm is a big way of draining our system. They say it is just we doing our thing…. But is there a law that forbids the foreigners from investing in mmm…. NO! So even as we speak they are involved with the system draining money outside our system in a very nice way even as we live in the illusion that we are making money too. Let me tell, they know the carrying capacity of mmm given our population, they manage the database in the system, they know how many persons that are in the system, they know everything….. But all we know is just our selfish 30%. So armed with all these the day the will invest say 30billion dollars(converted to naira) or more in mmm will come and they will merged several persons to Make payments into different accounts and several of us will hit the Bank to pay. Now do the calculation of that. GOD SAVE US IF SUCH IS DONE AT THE POINT WHERE THEIR CALCULATION OF EXIT IS PREDICTED . Believe me this is the scam of the century.

  27. Tnx Ebuka for ur responses.plse what happenes if:1-have no referer email 2-cannot confirm my email bcos I can't get see it in my email, 3-i edited my bank acct information? Thank you.

  28. Am preciousness :
    I provided help on 27-9-2016, I paid on 18-10-2016, and my mavron as turn to green without up to 30days, can I get help now? because some people were saying that someone can get help once Marvon as turn to green without getting to 30days.

    How many days or weeks wil it takes to receive alart if someone is getting help since it takes 2-3wks to be Marge in providing help.

  29. – To get the Complete Interest(30%) you have to wait 30 days.

    – Once you request to get help, you will be matched with a member, this can take minutes , hours or even days depending on the system because the process is automated. The person will then be given a duration to credit your account, if he/she fails, you'll then be matched with another member.

  30. Enter your comment…Please members
    am new to the system
    I donated 50k
    and have also paid it
    I demanded for help but am only able to see 1000 and 6671 naira in my mavro
    can't even see my 50k and not even upto what am supposed to gain.
    I did it on 5th of this month and they matched me on 27th of this month too
    so I tried pledging for help couldn't see all my total money
    plz someone should help me aswer the question

  31. Hi Ebuka. I just registered on mmm. What is the function of a guider. Because when i checked my page i saw information on guider and i tried calling the number i saw but it did not go because the number wasnt correct then i tried sending an email but still the email did not deliver because the email address too was not valid. Does this affect my macvro account or any dealings i have on mmm.

  32. Good day Ebuka, thanks again for your thoughtful clarification, it has really been helpful. Please I want to know if I will still get my 10% referee bonus because I PH #150,000 but the person I invited PH #200,000, so will they still pay me 10% even if his PH is #50,000 bigger than mine. Thanks for this clarification

  33. HI Ebuka, Some1 uploaded fake proof of payment and i did not receive the funds. I wrote to support and attached my stamped bank account statement. Support has not replied and there is a yellow color question mark on my dasgboard (where im supposed to confirm). what should i do?

  34. Hello sir, Yes you will get a bonus but only on his 1st pledge. If his 2nd Pledge is higher than yours, you may get little or no bonus.
    This is just a means to make sure members keep participating.

  35. Good question. No it doesn't affect your Mavro, However, your Guider is like your own personal moderator, he/she is there to assist you in any way possible. Just like me. If the mobile number isn't going, i'm sure its temporary.

  36. Login into your account is very easy, it takes two steps;
    Step 1: enter the verification codes
    Step 2: enter login details

    if after entering these details you cant still log in your account may have been compromised.

  37. Hello Sir, Sorry i failed to respond to this earlier. This is because you didn't ask a question, you only gave an advised which we all are already aware of.

    However, You are right and sincerely i totally agree with you but You have to understand that every member Accepted the risk of participating in MMM Nigeria. It is VERY risky, so its advised that you PLEDGE with wisdom. ONLY USE YOUR SPARE MONEY in MMM.

  38. Good Ebuka… Please clarify me…. Assuming the person that used me as referral doesn't have online banking can I use my account which I used in my PO to pay for her PH to other pples account and they will now pay to the account in her PO when she requests for help?… Thanks for your assistance

  39. Good o Anthony.
    Please has this issue been resolved? If "Yes" please I really need to know what you did. I have a similar challenge, and have been writing on support but nothing has been done yet. My match has received the payment and switched off his phone since 5 days now. Have even sent a message pleading for a refund, and nothing yet. Please I need help. And funny enough, this is my first time on MMM. Thank you.

  40. Help Ebuka.
    Please I really need help.
    I PH to my match before the deadline u was given, but had some challenges uploading the POP before deadline.
    Now my account has been blocked, and the young man has switched off his phone. I have written to support but no response yet. I have spoken with my guiders and they told me refund was the only solution. I have sent a text to him pleading for a refund, nothing yet. Please what do I do? Do I consider my money lost? Funny enough, I am a first timer. Pls help!
    Thank you

  41. Hello Goodness, i'm sorry to hear about this. Have you tried contacting the person's guider?! Leave a complain using the Message Box not Support.
    Also did you call the person before you made the payment?

    I want to use this opportunity to advice everyone to;

    1. Make sure the Phone Number of the receiver is reachable before making payment.
    2. Avoid making last minute payments. if you can't meet up, then decline

  42. Good afternoon. Please I registered on MMM with my Gmail account till date I have gotten a confirmation on my mail address. And I presently can't remember my password. Tried all the password reset link both via phone and email but nothing has been sent. Please I want to offer help urgently. Would appreciate any help as regards this. Thanks

  43. Honestly your case is just so unfortunate and filled with so many errors, most of which are from you. You took little or no precaution. All i can say is contact and wait for support.

  44. AftWas trying to provide help but I was instructed to load my wallet. I was ask for a beneficiary name & my bank details + sort by I guess. I don't really have a beneficiary, I'll like to know if I should fill my bank details or wait for a confirmation fi

  45. What is the implications if I didn't confirm my email address and phone number coz I got no Confirmation code In my email address And Phone Number

  46. Hello Ebuka, you are doing a great job. Well done. Pls I made payment yesterday morning by past 8am and I have not gotten any confirmation yet. I have scan and sent the teller and also called the number but is switched off, I also sent text message no reply and I contacted the guilder who advise I sent the message but am yet to get confirmation till this morning and the number is still off. Please advise

  47. I have warned against crediting a members account before calling. I guess you didnt read that warning. You just have to contact support and be patient.


  48. Good day Ebuka… Please I have little challenge I got help today and am trying to write my happiness letter, I have clicked my page menu in my PO and also clicked happiness letter ico,it opened but am just seeing blank page with happiness letter written on it but I can't type…. Please what should I do…. Thanks

  49. Normally, the letter of happiness box pops up after a successful GH(Get Help). If you are having troubles access it, Try logging out and Log in again because this maybe due to a bad internet connection.

  50. I provided help on the 4/11/2016 and my release date for me to be match was on 18/11/2016. I was matched on 10/11/2016 (before the release date). I've paid the money but my mavro is showing bule wish is account frozen.. what am i going to do?

  51. Hello, good morning ebuka. Thanks for your help. I still have a little problem.my friend was matched last weak thusday 10/11/2016 to get help and the person did not paid the money but uploaded a fake teller. we've written support but no respond.He has not been matched with another person. we've try calling her but all abortive even is guider has been calling but she refused to pick his called. so in this case what are we going to do?

  52. Hello Ebuka first of all thanks for your unending good work. Please my referral was asked to PH to two people today. The first person's number is switched off and the second person's no. Is more than 11. When one extra number was removed from the 12 and remaining eleven was called another person picked the call so there is no way of contacting the person. What should she do about the order to PH. Thanks for the help.

  53. Since the participants can't be reached i advice you wait for them to contact you instead. If you don't hear from them in 24 hours, do NOT make the payment(Click the reject button). You will then be matched with someone else.

  54. I PH recently and the recipient said he has confirmed but on my dashboard it's still awaiting confirmation. What do I do? I'm stuck. Read some of ur response, U said leave a msg. Where? Is it the message box in the order box or the envelope sign close to support icon on the site?
    2. If I leave a message there, will my guider and his guider see it?
    3. How do I get both guiders involved to help resolve this issue? It's almost a week.

  55. 1. Have you called your receipent to cross-check the confirmation process step-by-step to make sure he did it properly.

    2 & 3. I mean leave a msg in the order box. This way the guiders can quickly understand the problem. You can also call the guiders if step 1 wasn't successful

  56. Hello Ebuka please I was matched with someone on Thursday evening to pay me. After contacting him, he uploaded a payment evidence but no money entered my account. I have been calling him since then but he is not picking. What should I do?

  57. Enter your comment…hello Ebuka can't login after registration, i tried logging in through "www.mmmoffice.com" it says i will be redirected in 5 seconds but nothing happens at last, pls help me out. mind you i just registered myself

  58. Hello Legacy, I'm afraid i can't say because i don't have any experience about this but To avoid any problems, if your son is 18+, why not let him register on his own with his personal bank account.

  59. Good morning.. I Opened two accounts with different email address, different name, different mobile number but the same bank with different account number with the same name. Can that affect the two accounts?

  60. Ok, should I counsel one account or should I forget the two accounts before they will merge me with somebody or should I forget one of the account in other to avoid problem. One of the account was registered on 23rd and the other was on 24th November. Please I need your advice. Thanks

  61. HELLO, am a new member and v bn asked to provide help to three people which I v done through online transfer and after much delay two of thone people I was able to communicate with just confirmed my payment online. Now my issue is d third person has a wrong phone number on her profile n this has made me unable to reach her even after transferring money into her account. She's yet to confirm my payment proof n today is d last day gorgeous the transaction. Please what do I do

  62. Do nothing, Just wait, after 48 hrs if she hasnt confirmed it, there will be a question mark on the order box, Now write in the message order box saying that you have paid, then wait for the CRO to judge. She will be blocked and you will be confirmed.

  63. I registered someone and he was asked to provide help, but he could not. Now he has been blocked. Can he still register with same details he used before?

  64. Hello, I made payment three days ago the person is yet to confirm it. My money is still frozen, please how can this be resolved. Mind you,I called and even texted him he kept ignoring my calls..

  65. Hi dear, now that MMM will resume matching from January and you have PH waiting till January to be match. if after 30 days they match you and you pay and request for GH immediately will you still loss your initial bonus as a ist timer Thanks!

  66. someone said MMM is crashed out now that there is no way to open account and no way to collect money for those who av open there own before until january, and d other person said if anyone open MMM account by this December its 100%, that is 10k =20k. 20k =40k e.t.c

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