How to Scan Mega Choice FTA Satellite & Frequency

Update March 2017: Mega Choice has change frequencies – READ MORE

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Mega Choice a new Ghana Pay-TV is currently broadcasting its channels on Eutelsat 16A and currently entertaining its viewers with free-to-air channels that show live movies, soccer and other sports content. For now, its assumed that some channels are currently being worked on by their engineers and they are currently on a test transmission. However you can still view over 20+ channels for free by doing a blind scan on your FTA decoder. 

Latest Mega Choice TV satelite and frequency
Eutelsat 16 @ 16 degree East Ku band
11074 H 45012
Below are the channels you’ll get on that frequency,




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Aljazeera English
Crystal TV Prime
Crystal TV Xtra
Crystal TV Plus
Deutsche Welle
E TV Ghana
EWTN Africa & Asia
France 24 English
Narrow Gate TV
GMP Newsworld
Paradise Music Channel



Metro TV


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