Payoneer: Open a US Bank Account for FREE & Withdraw Cash in Nigeria

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Update July 13th: 
Methods of funding Payoneer Card

Western Union – This new method of funding payoneer is easy. All the customer has to do is take the payoneer card to the bank or any Western Union location and fill out a Western Union Form. The money deposited will be credited into your payoneer card.
Making Money Online and Receive Payments: If you are a Blogger or an Affiliate Marketer or you offer services for individual or companies, You can fund your card by simply providing your payoneer account details to your clients to deposit the payment. Some of the organization that payoneer receives funds from are Paypal, Infolinks, Google Adsense etc.
Register a Payoneer Account and Refer a friend: Participating in payoneer affiliate program and earning money is another way of funding your payoneer card. When you refer a friend to payoneer and the friend is issued a card, you earn $25 for the first $100 your referral earns.
To begin, Click HERE to Register a payoneer account, then go to ‘Refer a Friend’ option in your account and get your refferal link. Share this link with friends via your Blog or Social media page.

Finally, Thanks to Payoneer, an e-commerce company based in the US, you can now open a US bank account in Nigeria, Australia, Ghana, India or anywhere else around the world and withdraw cash worldwide using your Payoneer Debit Mastercard.  You can also send Cash to foreign accounts using Payoneer. This is done by providing Payoneer customers a U.S Checking and Collection Account that can be used to receive payments from US companies directly to your Payoneer account.

Payoneer ONLY receives money from companies in the US and Europe and NOT from individuals. This service is really of great help to Nigerians who operate business in foreign countries such as US and Europe. The best part of this is everythings is absolutely FREE.
All information needed for the transaction such as;

  • Bank Name
  • Routing (ABA)
  • Account Number
  • Account Type
  • Beneficiary Name




These will be all provided. After the transaction is completed, payoneer customers can now withdraw their money from their payoneer accounts using their Debit Mastercard. This service has proven to be very helpful over the years.



How to Open a Payoneer Account and get a Debit Mastercard in Nigeria
Payoneer offers its customer a Debit Mastercard for FREE. This card is sent from America to the customers mailing address here in Nigeria. This Debit card enabled customers to receive ACH / Direct Deposit transfers from cooperate organizations such as Google Adsense, Elance, Infolinks, Amazon, Paypal etc.
The Debit Mastercard can also be used to perform various online transactions like purchasing items or paying for service. To get a Payoneer Mastercard click HEREto go to their website and Register for a Free Account. Below are some of the details required to open a payoneer account in Nigeria;
You’ll need to submit your Details; Name, address, Valid ID, etc
Set your password and security question
Fill in your shipping address (address where your card will be sent)
Click ORDER button to continue
Your application will then be reviewed and a confirmation message will be sent to your email if approval is successful.

When you login, You’ll will then be notified on the delivery date of your Debit MasterCard from your Payoneer account dashboard.
How to activate Payoneer Debit Card.
When you card arrives at your delivery address, login to your payoneer account and click “Activate” from your dashboard. It’s quite easy and convenient.
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