Need a Loan? Try | Download Paylater App v1.06 | Contact gives small loans to Nigerians who need urgent cash. Just by downloading the Paylater App on your smartphone, Nigerians can request for loans of up to N30,000 with no collateral or documents required and get approval in minutes. However the major terms you should know when applying for a loan is –
1). Interest Rate: The cost of borrowing money. This is the amount that you must pay in addition to the principal amount you borrowed. Interest rates are typically shown as a percent of the total amount borrowed.




2). Registration: Paylater registers your information with the device you registered with, if anyone else tries to register with that same device, the system recognizes that the device is linked to another account hence the application will not go through because it will assume its a fraud. This is why we advise against using someone else’s device to register or allowing a 3rd party use your device.
How do I apply for Paylater Loan?
To Begin – Download the latest Paylater App v1.06 from Playstore HERE
Visit, use our sliders to determine how much you want, and click Apply.
Connect your Facebook account for authentication.

Register as a user on our platform and complete our brief application.

You will also need a functional Nigerian bank account to receive funds and a Bank Verification Number (BVN) to confirm your identity.

Loan decision provided instantly and funds sent, if approved.
Paylater Contact
For More inquiry on how to borrow money using Paylater contact their customer service via email on [email protected]






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