HTTP Injector 2018: How to Find & Configure Working Payload

This post will provide a complete guide on creating and configuring HTTP Injector and Payload for free internet browsing on Android.

    How to Import ehi config, Configure and Browse on Android

    – After Downloading , Install and open the apk
    – Turn On Mobile Data – (Use desired apn working for your ehi file
    – On the upper right of Home tab, click on file icon the select ‘Import config’
    – Browse and select the .ehi file on your phone to import
    – Don’t forget to check Google DNS
    – Click Start to run the config on HTTP Injector
    Wait for the connected notification. (You can check the status on Log tab)
    That’s, Open your browser and enjoy browsing.

    Create Fast Server Payload HTTP Injector Account

    1. Go to

    2. In MENU find X-SGDO every hour it will open just wait for an exact time.

    3. After creating an account use the HOST IP or NUMERIC IP for SSH IP in making http injector.

    In creating .ehi file

    1. Left slide on the Injector you will find Payload Generator tap it.
    2. Do this.
    Check Extra Header:
    Online Host, User Agent, Keep Alive
    Then, Generate Payload
    3. Remote proxy IP( then Start

    4. SSH IP: (server you created in XSGDO)
    SSH PORT: 22
    User and pass in creating account in XSGDO

    6. START 

    Find Working Payload






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    Other Methods

    From your chrome browser open to create a premium open VPN and PPTP VPN account username and password. You can also make SSH settings from the sites below;
    Your country, IP, sever time and other information is automatically detected. For instance Asia countries will get to select the Asia option to create a .EHI config file for countries like Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Honkong etc. You can choose other country servers if you wish. Below is a screenshot to explain better.
    Now that you’ve selected you country, the next step is to select the server that you want, download OpenVPN config(.ovpn) then create a username and password.

    Also note that if you are using pptp vpn server you should just create a username and password only. To make an account is very easy, simply enter your username and password, then verify the captcha. After creation, a username, password, along with an auto-generated IP and host will be displayed. Accounts will expire 5 days after creation.
    Now download http injector.
    Goto Payload Generator and insert URL/Host settings.(
    Query Method: back query > Request Method: Post > Extra Header: Online Host, Keep alive, Forward Host> Payload: Split > Generate Payload.
    SSH Settings
    SSH Host: Port: 22 or 8080
    Under the ‘Account Information’ Insert the username and password which you created.
    Local Port: 1080
    Tick Start SSH
    Click on ‘Config Exporter’ to Export the Config by giving it a file name.
    Clear Settings, import the the config and start the connection.
    Globe Config
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    Latest Working 2018 .ehi Files

    Check Here


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