Latest News on N Power Selection and Physical Verification – November 2017

N Power has released an official statement concerning the next phase of the programme for 2017 N Power applicants who were succesfull in the assesment test.
Now the next stage after the Assessment Test Phase is the Pre-selection Stage. This is the stage where beneficiaries will be pre-selected for physical verification.

According to the recent N Power updates, the Pre-selection Stage will likely commence at the END of November, 2017. When this stage commences, the list of pre-selected applicants will also be released to the public.




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Solution to N-POWER Nigeria 2017 BVN, Reference ID Problem etc.
The 2017 N-Power Job recruitment portal was re-opened for application on June 13th 2017 and has since recorded over 700,000 online applications.

However, some applicants have experienced some challenges while registering for N-Power 2017 online. Some of the problem experience are;

1. BVN issue – Some N-Power applicants have complain about the site displaying an information which says BVN has already been used.
Solution – Send a mail to [email protected]
2. Loss of N-Power Reference ID – After a successfully registration the site automatically generates a reference number for the applicant, but unfortunately some applicant forgot to write or copy out this details.
Solution – Send a mail to [email protected]
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