• Solution to MMM account Blocked – “Participant is Blocked”

    MMM is currently flourishing in the following countries South Africa, United Kingdom, Lesotho, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Zimbabwe, United States, China, Singapore, Australia, Nigeria, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Canada, Japan. 

    However due to improper use, some members may occasionally have their accounts blockedor put on hold (MORATORIUM). In this post, I’ll be sharing tips on how to unlock your MMM account and how to fix MORATORIUM

     How to Unblock your MMM account.
    A Participants MMM accounts will be blocked when he/she violates the policy. To avoid being blocked, Read the rules in MMM .

    Below are the Steps to Un-block an MMM Account;
    Log into Personal Office (PO).
    Click Support and then click “Create” to create a ticket.
    Choose option that says “Participant is Blocked”
    Enter title “Please unblock my Account”
    Tell your story about what happen, but show remorse.
    Browse file to upload any documents (if necessary.)

    Then Save.

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