Solution to MMM account Blocked – “Participant is Blocked”

MMM is currently flourishing in the following countries South Africa, United Kingdom, Lesotho, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Zimbabwe, United States, China, Singapore, Australia, Nigeria, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Canada, Japan. 

However due to improper use, some members may occasionally have their accounts blockedor put on hold (MORATORIUM). In this post, I’ll be sharing tips on how to unlock your MMM account and how to fix MORATORIUM

 How to Unblock your MMM account.
A Participants MMM accounts will be blocked when he/she violates the policy. To avoid being blocked, Read the rules in MMM .




Below are the Steps to Un-block an MMM Account;
Log into Personal Office (PO).
Click Support and then click “Create” to create a ticket.
Choose option that says “Participant is Blocked”
Enter title “Please unblock my Account”
Tell your story about what happen, but show remorse.
Browse file to upload any documents (if necessary.)


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  1. pls my acct was block bcos i click i refuse to make payment bcos the acct detail was not corect .we dey still open the acct

  2. Enter your comment…i have problem with my account. i provided help twice on october and i also provided another one on november but i was not get help i started creating different ticket just to get my problem solved. but all i could realised is that they did not pear me and not even reply my messages. that is why i decided to cancel requested when i heard about paused. last week they attended to my message and i uploaded a screen shot of my mavro details to it. when i was wakeup this morning to check my po. i just got "YOUR PERSONAL ACCOUNT HAS BEEN BLOCK" with red color. but it is defferent from block for unable to provide help.
    please help oooooo i need solution.

  3. I have wrote to support to pls unblock my account yet my Account is still blocked and is almost 2 weeks now, will it still be opened?

  4. Please I ma new participant of MMM, I was matched on Thursday to Provide Help of #200,000 to four(4) MMM Participants, I was able to Provide Help to three(3) persons only due to inter-bank network issues. The forth participant, I couldn't give help due to network issues I encountered during the transfer to her Keystone Bank account. I pleaded with her to extend time for me so that I will go to the bank on Monday morning to make the donation, but surprisingly my account was blocked when I opened it. I am deeply sorry for my failure to complete my transaction. What happens to the ones I have paid already??????

  5. Your Mavro is frozen because it hasn't reached the release date. The date is shown in your mmm account. You have to be patient.

  6. I made payment,and now I wants to GH my macro is frozen what should I do?

  7. I have paid to account of those to provide help they did not confirm me because i could not download the teller because of poor network what can i do my account is blocked

  8. Please my MLK account was blocked yesterday. I wanted to check the payment details of the person am to pay and I mistakenly pressed the wrong button and I was blocked. I have requested to be unblocked. But how long does it take to be unblocked and what happens to my bonuses I have inside my mmm account.

  9. Hi dear, I was too busy to check my email and realized few days later that my account has been blocked. I have followed your procedure to unblock my account. Is there any consequences attached to it once my account is unblocked?

  10. First of all, You are taking a risk for pledging an amount of money that you currently don't have. However when you are matched, you can ask the receiver to extend the duration.

  11. Good Day Ebuka, I have been requested to PH to some participants but the money I am expecting will be due/mature to come in five day's time for sure. I was expecting that before they match me in about 3 weeks I would have been ready to PH. What do I do in this situation? I would not want to be blocked. Are there room or chances of extension? Thanks.

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