• Solve MTN POWERVU Problem – Download PowerVu Autoroll Firmware Update 2017

    Last updated on April 20th, 2018

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    This post will list out that latest powervu autoroll software for Freesat, Gsky, Alphabox, Strong, Tiger, Cobox/Qsat, Corronet, Nurstar, Lifestar, HD Tech, Hisi3796, Funnybox and Digisat Decoder to unscramble Sport 24HD and Sony Package.

      Best PowerVu Decoder for MTN Worldwide

      They are many decoders in the market that support Powervu autoroll for sport24, however they are very few that are reliable and can continue to be used even after an upgrade. You wouldn’t want to be in a situation whereby your satelite receiver cannot open sport24HD because it doesn’t support the latest powervu autoroll software, therefore I recommending some of the most reliable powervu decoders in market.
      1. Strong Decoder
      2. FreeSat
      3. GSKY
      4. NURSTAR
      5. Tiger T8HD Ultra – T3000
      6. Corronet HD

      Freesat V7, V8 Autoroll Software for Sport 24HD and Sony Package

      FREESAT V7HD_02-11-2017 – Download

      FREESAT V7_MAX_02-11-2017 – Download

      FREESAT V7_COMBO_02-11-2017 – Download

      Freesat V8 Super Firmware (11/10/2017) – Download

      Freesat V8 Golden Firmware (19/10/2017) – Download

      Download Alphabox X6+ for Sport 24HD and Sony Package

      ALPAHBOX X6+ COMBO_03112017 – Download

      Download Strong Receiver PowerVu Autoroll Software 02-11-2017

      Strong Africa – MTN POWER VU Update Software

      New Software for SRT4962I (All Destinations) – Solved MTN POWER VU Problem – 02 Nov 2017
      Strong Middle East – MTN POWER VU Update Software


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