Download FINCH VPN and Droid VPN for Unlimited Browsing on MTN South Africa

Finch VPN is currently browsing for free in South Africa and its working perfectly. FINCH VPN isn’t the only VPN used for browsing, Psiphonand Tweakware are frequently used in Nigeria, Ghana and all around the world to browse anonymously and bypass data billing from ISP. MTN subscriber in South african should take advantage of this new cheat before its stops working.
How to Configure MTN South Africa to browse using FINCH VPN
Click HERE to download Finch VPN
Install on your device, Login or Register a new finch id
Now in the homepage set your server to UDP and Port:9201
Go to settings and make sure custom settings is NOT ticked.




Now any of the free server in the list and start browsing.  Enjoy!






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