Price of Self Defence Pepper Spray on Konga & Jumia Nigeria – 2018

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Pepper spray is one of the most reliable and effective securities gadget for both guys and ladies. Pepper spray is also legal in Nigeria. This tool can easily be used to Disarm, attack and overpower an attacker. 

Pepper Spray is no doubt a tested and trusted tool which everyone is advised to get for personal protection. Pepper spray can be kept in your bag, home etc, never leave home without it.

Where to BUY Pepper Spray Online in Nigeria

You never know when you’ll need one, buy an affordable pepper spray and defend yourself from unforeseen attacks. You can purchase a pepper spray online in Nigeria via Jumia or Konga retail stores.
1. Pepper Spray – Buy Now (Konga)

2. Pepper Spray – Buy Now (Konga)

3. Universal Pepper Spray for Self Defence – Buy Now (Jumia)

4. Magnum Mace Pepper Spray – Buy Now (Jumia)

5. Random House Universal Pepper Spray – Buy Now (Jumia)


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