Short Codes to Clear Error, Reset or Activate DSTV Decoder Subscription

Most people sometimes complain of late smartcard re-activation after renewing their DSTV cable subscription. All they see on their television screens are error E16-4(you are not enabled to view this channel or your account has been suspended).




This is a technical difficulty from your cable provider but not to worry because I’m going to show you How To Fix DSTV Several DSTV activation and subscription issues and also some tips to avoid having this problem in future.

1. To check the due date of your Account balance: Type: Due (smart card number) to 30333. e.g due 4251678290 to 30333. you will receive a reply like this. Hi (your name) the amount of balance is due on (date of due).





2. Code to check DSTV Account Balance: If you want to check the balance of your recharge on your Smartcard, simply Send balance (smart card Number) to 30333. e.g Balance 4251678290 to 30333.
After sending the message, You will receive a message about your account balance.


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3. Last payment processed: Send payment (Smartcard Number) to 30333
4. Clear error codes: From time to time, you may come across some errors and you will be presented with some error codes. You need to clear those before you can proceed with any operation you are carrying out with your decoder. To clear these error codes, simply Send reset (Smartcard number) to 30333


5. Product activated: Products (smart card Number) to 30333.


HOW TO SOLVE DSTV Subscription Activation PROBLEM

Simply send a message containing your smartcard number to 30333. This message should be sent in this format – Type send “RESET [Smartcard Number] to 30333”




For example – RESET 153856789023 to 30333
The response after sending this message is very quick. Your subscription will be activated immediately. The short code is supported on all GSM networks in Nigeria.

You can also solve DSTV E16-4 late re-activation error code online by visiting the self service portal. To do this go to and click self service.

Now locate a form – “Clear Dstv Error Code” and input the first ten digits of your smartcard number, choose your error code, enter captcha and click “clear error”

To avoid having this problem, be sure to leave your decoder ON while making payment.


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