Code to Share Glo Data with Family and Friends (Glo Data Share)

We’ve been amazed by the recent reduction in data prices by the GSM networks, but a question most subscribers always ask is ‘How can I share my data with my friends and family‘. This is very possible on Glo via Glo Data Share. Note that this service is very different from Glo data gifting.

Glo data sharing is a service that enables subscribers to share their purchased internet data to other glo numbers. Subscribers will first have to register the number of the receipt in order to proceed.

How do I add the number of the person I want to share my glo data with?

To add a data recipients number dial the Short Code *127*01*glo number#

After this, a confirmation SMS will be sent to your line notifying you that the number you’ve added has been granted access to share your data. Note that you are only permitted to add 3 glo data recipients.

How do I delete a glo data recipient number?
If for some reason you want to remove the person, its also very possible. To remove a glo data sharing number dial the short code *127*02*glo number#

To show all the Glo number that you’re currently sharing you internet data with dial *127*00#.


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