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Solution to Multi TV Channels & TV3 not showing on Strong Receiver and Other Receivers

Update: Multi-TV Viewers should re-scan their decoders to get Metro TV, DW(ECN), CRTV, RTG1, RTI2 AND TV MADGASCAR using the instructions below;

To get Metro TV, DW(ECN)
Scan the frequency 12525/V/30000

You can watch live EURO 2016 Matches on the channels from the following frequencies.
Eutelsat 16A



For some time now multi tv viewing has not been working, if you are a multi tv subscriber and you are currently experiencing this problem, this is due to a change in transponder settings, and this made all channel to stop working. But all you need to do is to apply the new Multi TV frequency on your strong decoder.

How to scan strong decoder to get Multi TV channels.
Switch on your strong decoder and go to installation and enter your code. The default code is 0000.
Now add the frequency 12525/V/30000
Now Save.
Be sure to do a blind to get all available channels on Astra 2F. 

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After the scan, if you can’t get TV3, not to worry. Just enter this biss key(9E 37 79 4E B9 7F 4A 82) on your supported decoder. Before you do this, make sure that you don’t have multiple TV3 channels by deleting others.

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