How to fix Problem of Only 1 or 3 Post Showing on Blogger Homepage

I noticed that only 3 or 1 post shows on my blog homepage on Blogger and I’m not using any auto pagination software, this is very frustrating because I have set it to show at most 9 posts on homepage from Layout and Post settings. I thought about leaving it like that but it didn’t give my blog a professional look at all. I thought it was a problem from my template so I changed templates severally times but this still didn’t help.

After I did some research I found out that this problem is quite common on Blogger and some bloggers too were having just one or three blog posts showing on their blog homepageand they too weren’t using any auto pagination software. 
If you are also experiencing this, the solution is very simple, this problem usually occurs when a post is too lengthy and therefore your blog automatically tries to reduce the number of post showing on homepage. 
So what I did was to insert a “jump break” in the middle of my lengthy post(s) and this worked perfectly. I inserted a picture to explain better. Let me know if this works for you too.




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