Top Affordable Universities in Benin Republic for International Students

This post is going to list out some top accredited bilingual universities in benin republic that foreign students from Nigeria and other west African countries can consider enrolling in for the coming academic session. The universities have their various programme accredited by the government in Benin republic and are also recognized by the federal ministry of education Nigeria for its Nigerian graduates to be mobilized for their mandatory NYSC programme.

    National University of Benin (UNB)

    The National University of Benin ((in French) Université Nationale du Bénin) is the principal university in the country of Benin. The university was founded in 1970 as the Université du Dahomey. In 1975 the name was changed to Université Nationale du Bénin.
    The school is composed of 19 institutions and six campuses. The main campus is the Université d’Abomey-Calavi (UAC). Enrollment at UAC was over 16,000 in 1999, including over 3,300 women


    The university accreditation no is N 0136/ CAB/ DC/ SP du 18 Octobre 1999. It has an operational license given by the government of Benin Republic and has graduated several sets since its establishment in 1999.

    ESEP-LE BERGER offers certificate in Diploma, Bachelors, Masters $ Ph D.3yrs, NYSC guaranteed, Direct entry for NCE, OND graduates, Conversion from HND to, Msc & MBA programme.


    Institut Superieur de Formation Professionnelle (ISFOP) University, is a private University established by the ISFOP Educational Foundation. It was granted an operational license by the Republic on 11 May, 1997.

    Accordingly, ISFOP University   is intended to be locally and internationally unique in its programme focus, the curricula are designed to ensure that its graduates are computer literate and that staff and students are linked with industries to support economic and enterprise development, as well as technology transfer

    Estam University – Cotonou

    Estam University is an English speaking university in Cotonou, Benin. It is accredited by the Ministry Of Education in Cotonou, Benin Republic and the Ministry of Education in Abuja, Nigeria

    International University of Management & Administration (IUMA)

    IUMA university is an Accredited English Speaking University In Cotonou Republic Of Benin Gain her Accreditation no. 005/MERS/CAB/DC/SGM/DPP/DGES/DEPES/SP in Year 2010, and Recognised by NUC Nigeria.

    Universite des Sciences Appliquée et Management (USAM)

    USAM is a private university situated in Porto-Novo, Republic of Benin. Accreditation No: 127/MERS/CABDG/SGM/DPP/DEUSP/SP DU 29/12/2004. The University began with three faculty of Health Sciences. At its first meeting the Board of the Faculty of Social and Management Science, Law and Medicine.  The faculties of Arts, Education, Engineering and Science were added in 2004
    Other university include;

    Catholic University of West Africa

    African University of Technology and Management

    Universite de Lokossa

    PIGIER Benin

    International Polytechnic University of Benin

    University of Porto-Novo

    Polytechnic University of Abomey

    University of Abomey-Calavi

    University of Parakou

    National University of Benin

    Sainte felicite university benin porto novo

    West African Union University Cotonou

    Lecitoyen university of benin, cotonou

    Bernavis Scottish University

    Adonai university benin republic

    Courage University Benin

    Poma International Business University






    For more information about enrollment, tuition fees and accommodation, I suggest you contact the institutions directly by visiting their respective websites. 


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