Was your Blackberry FB app deleted after an Upgrade, See how to Re-Install

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A couple of days ago I got a facebook update alert on my blackberry, and after the facebook application upgrade my FB app was deleted, I tried re-installing the app from appworld but it wasn’t there anymore. I was so unhappy because the application is one of my best social networking apps.

I was confused about the whole thing so i did some research and I discovered that facebook has discontinued its services for Blackberry smartphones. So if you get a facebook upgrade message on your blackberry smartphone, do not upgrade it, or else your application will be deleted.

How to Downgrade your Facebook Blackberry app and use a lower version.
But I have good news, I found a way to re-install facebook application on blackberry smartphones without using Appworld. This can be done by simply using an older version of facebook for blackberry app on your BB.

To install follow this link to get Free OTA BB Apps

Select your BB OS and the Facebook App version you wish to download.

That’s it. Remember not to update the application.

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