Subscription Code for MTN N150 Daily Unlimited Plan

When it comes to internet browsing, everybody likes the word ‘UNLIMITED‘. MTN nigeria has introduced a new data plan that allows subscribers to browse and download unlimited using the mobile phone and PC via a modem and the advantage of this plan is the its very cheap and affordable, it costs just N150.



So if you’re the type who loves to download large files, stream live football and sport game or even, watch movies, you are going to enjoy this. But you have to make sure your SIM card is eligible for MTN daily UNLIMITED plan.

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How to Make your SIM work on MTN daily UNLIMITED plan

Firstly confirm your eligibility by dialling this short code *567*59#, then press 1. If you’re line is eligible, congrats. If your line is not eligible for MTN daily UNLIMITED plan you can force it to be by dialling *661*2#. If that doesn’t work I advice you use the new MTN ipulse SIM.

So with as little as N150, MTN subscribers can browse, stream and download anything they like from internet for whole day(24hrs). However, MTN isn’t the 1st network to introduce this data plan, Airtel Nigeria also has a plan that allow subscribers download unlimited data for a month.

So its more like a competition amongst mobile networks, we are now waiting on Glo, Ntel and etisalat to release their own unlimited data plan data will serve as a back up plan for the daily BBlited plan which everyone is using to browse unlimited now

Which device is supported on MTN daily UNLIMITED plan?
Android Devices
iOS device
Windows smartphones
Symbian and Java phones.




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