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Solution to Facebook Ads NOT Working with Naira Debit Mastercard

Update December 2017: I recommend you make use of ALAT Digital Bank by WEMA bank. This service can pay for foreign transaction – Read more

Update August 2017: GTBank Naira Mastercard is now working for Facebook Ads. So as Access bank debit cards. So use this to promote your online businesses and drive traffic to your blog. Its also can be used for transactions on Youtube and Paypal

I was trying to boost a post on facebook using Naira as my preferred currency but it just wasn’t working. I cross-checked severally to make sure I typed my Wema Bank and Ecobank Naira Debit MasterCard details correctly and i did but still my facebook ad page was giving me an error saying ‘invalid card details’.

 I also tried other banks like Access Bank, First Bank, Zenith and UBA but still no positive result. This is because Facebook uses DCC(Dynamic Currency Conversion). DCC is responsible for the conversion of dollar amount to naira at CBN rate and that is why you wouldn’t be able to make payments with your naira debit card. I was told to try getting a GT Bank Dollar MasterCard to make purchases from foreign companies like Facebook.

I decided to do some research and I found out that this problem is because of the new CBN Banking Reform. NO Foreign Transactions Will Work on Your Naira Debit/Credit Card. However , there is an exception for Advertising on facebook in Nigeria. Normally because you are in Nigeria, facebook will charge in Naira, so to stop your facebook ad transaction from being declined simply change your payment back to dollar. This solved my problem using my GTBank Debit Card. I’m currently being billed in Dollars and my ad campaign is live and running.
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  1. Ladyrella, You have to be specific, Facebook ads offers paid promotion for services such as Page Like, Post Engagement, Video Views etc. I know the minimum daily budget for Post Engagement is a dollar/day.

  2. am having outstanding payment, and my card have expired, any time i want to update my card i due received an error message like (Card Declined: This card was declined. Please review your card information and try again or use)

  3. I have an outstanding debt and my Gtb and Eco bank cards have been declined, am told to settle my account before I can change the currency what other card is working

  4. I'm having issues settling my old Facebook ads debts so i can resume my ads but my access bank and gtbank atms has been declined and disabled . I'm so helpless now do help me with a reply ASAP. Thanks i can't add a card or add PayPal

  5. The default setting is in Naira, of which I was charged, now I'm trying to use my fidelity dollar MasterCard to make payment but it's saying they couldn't charge the account, I have changed the currency to dollars, still no way. It's frustrating and exhausting

  6. It didnt work because my campaign has ended already and i cant change the currency due to the unsettled bills.. Any further assistance??

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