How to Register on GreenSpeer & Start Making Money Online

Hello, have you heard of GreenSpeer Nigeria, it’s another quick method of making online by investing using ONLY your SPARE income. 

GreenSpeer is a peer-to-peer donation platform just like PaidRocket, Ultimate Cycler, Zarfund and other Multi-Level Marketing schemes out there. But Greenspeer is unique because NO Referral links are needed, therefore members are treated equally. In Greenspeer, the higher your level, the more profit your earn. In this post I’m going to be providing some important details on Greenspeer Nigeria;
How to Register and Login in GreenSpeer Nigeria
You can open an account by visiting GreenSpeer Website  Now register by clicking on the REGISTER link.




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This will explain the structure of Greenspeer , showing the upgrade levels, downlines, upgrade fees and the return on investments.
Level 1
You donate #5,000 and 2 people will be paired to donate #5,000 to you = #10,000
Level 2
You donate #5,000 and 4 people will be paired to donate #5,000 to you = #20,000
Level 3
You donate #10,000 and 8 people will be paired to donate #10,000 to you = #80,000
Level 4
You donate #30,000 and 10 people will be paired to donate #30,000 to you = #300,000
Level 5
You donate #100,000 and 10 people will be paired to donate #100,000 to you = #1,000,000
What are the Benefits of GreenSpeer.
1. No Referral Links are needed.

2. You don’t need to worry about or campaign for downlines (Referrals). After registration, the system automatically assigns downline to you.

3. You can grow faster than your upline because each member’s progress depends on the system not their upline team.

4. You start with as little as 5000

5. There is no central account. All payment are made to members accounts.

If you need more information on how Greenspare works, leave a comment below.

DISCLAIMER: Buka’s Blog is NOT in any way affiliated to GreenSpeer, MMM or any other Ponzi scheme. Members should participate at their own risk.

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  1. Enter your comment…pls someone should help me cos I hv donated 5k to Akinbola Joshua n he has confirmed me 4 over a week now but I hv not bn paired.what's going on.

  2. I have been on level two for five days now same with my sister on level one y??

  3. Hi, pls I don't understand what is going on here, since I registered and paid money to the person I was asked to donate to I HV not been able to log in. And I wonder why its taken this long cos I HV joined over three weeks now and I hv not bn pear with anybody.

  4. Please i need help, since I have donated in level 1, I was unable to login, the system will comment that, either password or email is incorrect and this is email and password that I used to donated, this is the email; [email protected] password; code2447 please. My name, Omofunmilola Richard

  5. Please dear Nigerians leave all this Nigeria ponzi schemes they're all fake and return to the moving vehicle MMM

  6. greenspeer has shut down. everyone login now and see for yourself

  7. What is happening to greenspeer?It has refused to open due to some problems nd in have made my first donation since on 11 January dey keep telling me I will soon receive donations soon

  8. I registered and made a donation of 5000 on 17th January 2017 since then I have not received donations from anyone what is happening????

  9. Greenspeer has crashed finally, all this Nigeria guys fake and not reliable, you guys created a sit just to fraud innocent Nigerians  . Greenspeer close down with my money , God go judge una

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