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How to Register on GreenSpeer & Start Making Money Online

Hello, have you heard of GreenSpeer Nigeria, it’s another quick method of making online by investing using ONLY your SPARE income. 

GreenSpeer is a peer-to-peer donation platform just like PaidRocket, Ultimate Cycler, Zarfund and other Multi-Level Marketing schemes out there. But Greenspeer is unique because NO Referral links are needed, therefore members are treated equally. In Greenspeer, the higher your level, the more profit your earn. In this post I’m going to be providing some important details on Greenspeer Nigeria;
How to Register and Login in GreenSpeer Nigeria
You can open an account by visiting GreenSpeer Website onwww.greenspeer.com  Now register by clicking on the REGISTER link.


This will explain the structure of Greenspeer , showing the upgrade levels, downlines, upgrade fees and the return on investments.
Level 1
You donate #5,000 and 2 people will be paired to donate #5,000 to you = #10,000
Level 2
You donate #5,000 and 4 people will be paired to donate #5,000 to you = #20,000
Level 3
You donate #10,000 and 8 people will be paired to donate #10,000 to you = #80,000
Level 4
You donate #30,000 and 10 people will be paired to donate #30,000 to you = #300,000
Level 5
You donate #100,000 and 10 people will be paired to donate #100,000 to you = #1,000,000
What are the Benefits of GreenSpeer.
1. No Referral Links are needed.

2. You don’t need to worry about or campaign for downlines (Referrals). After registration, the system automatically assigns downline to you.

3. You can grow faster than your upline because each member’s progress depends on the system not their upline team.

4. You start with as little as 5000

5. There is no central account. All payment are made to members accounts.

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If you need more information on how Greenspare works, leave a comment below.

DISCLAIMER: Buka’s Blog is NOT in any way affiliated to GreenSpeer, MMM or any other Ponzi scheme. Members should participate at their own risk.

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  1. Hi, I registered and I was merged and I have paid to the person dat I was merged with but my account isn't opening again and I'll soon be blocked, what do I do? Pls help me

  2. Please what is happening with Greenspeer? I made a payment to a lady and she has refused to confirm me even after uploading proof.I called her all she told me was she had no idea of Greenspeer. So I wonder why and how I was matched to pay her.
    And Greenspeer dosent reply messages sent to their numbers talk more of picking calls.

  3. Please what happens if someone is merged to pay me and he doesn't pay? Am asking because my experience in some other Ponzi schemes have taught me lessons, when someone is to pay u they will tell u they don't have money anymore and the scheme won't remove him or her to merge you with another person who will pay you… It's stressful that's y am asking… Tnx

  4. Greens peer is real, I am in level 3 now. Yes there some errors with the sever before but it has been resolved since Saturday. Do not waste time anymore.

  5. contrary to your claim that one would be paired in less than 48 hours, i have completed my upgrade since monday 2nd of January and am yet to be paired to a payer while those who i invited are getting paired and paid already.i sent a complaint to the whatsapp number provided and it was read and neglected

  6. Hi Buka,
    I have made payments and uploaded proof of payment and I am yet to be confirmed, this is because, the person I am matched up with as well as many of my friends are unable to access the site on their mobile networks, for me as well, its only when I come to the office, I can access the site, is it that a maintenance is being done on the server, if yes, do you have any idea when they will be up? I understand that Greenspeer is new and will have to do upgrades and fix bugs from time to time, but it would be lovely if they informed their users ahead. Please let us know if you have any idea whats going on.

  7. it could also be a situation of wrong number, it has happened to me once, the person i was to pay made a mistake when typing his number, until i sent him an email, then he replied me.

  8. Please I have made my payment since Tuesday and until today I've not been paired with anybody to pay me please what should I do? And my sister has been deactivated but someone call her today that she's to pay the person and when she tried logging in they still show deactivated

  9. when i try to log in my password isnt matched.. so am referred to type in my e-mail, and when i type in my e-mail am told not found . please what can i do?

  10. please i register and made donation yesterday and i tried login in dis morning it was telling me Login details Mis-matched!please wat will i do

  11. Plz,I donated money to a lady dis mrnin, I called her to confirm she said she has gotten d alert,since den she hasn't approve my donation nd wen I called her she refused picking my calls,so wat do I do now?

  12. Pls I & my friends registered last week Saturday & paid immediately & we were confirmed & since then we have not been paired(more than l week)is it how greenspeer work?it's not a good one,pls u should match people to pay us so that we can talk good about u to other friends becos without people u can't grow

  13. i registered 7 different accounts for my friends yesterday, it did not pair us to pay anyone rather told us very soon we will be matched with someone to pay us. I think there is a problem. what is happening? am in level 2 over 10days now and no donor. I am telling alot of friends now no wonder i could register 7 in a day but am afraid

  14. I am confused bacause i paid a woman kalu and that few house later the sight wrote it was under maintanance wat a pitty that i fell again i just cannot believe i am just comming in nd treated like this its not fare

  15. all of you go back to mmm it pay.it might be slow but steady.leave all this fake sites and fraudster defrauding people's money. I don't know why Nigerians hate truth and love lies.go and invest ur money in mmm is real,genuine, steady and transparent in ur money.

  16. I don't know what is going on with greenspeer. Over a month I paid #5000 to someone I have not received any donation the same situation with my husband. does it mean we have dashed out money?

  17. Pls adm u pple shd not spoiled the greenpeer becouse some pppl are read to join this business. 5 of friend to me that I shd register them yestday b,cos I was afraid.I pH.last 2week uptill now can't GH.

  18. Greenspeer has crashed finally, all this Nigeria guys fake and not reliable, you guys created a sit just to fraud innocent Nigerians  . Greenspeer close down with my money , God go judge una

  19. I registered and made a donation of 5000 on 17th January 2017 since then I have not received donations from anyone what is happening????

  20. What is happening to greenspeer?It has refused to open due to some problems nd in have made my first donation since on 11 January dey keep telling me I will soon receive donations soon

  21. Hi, pls I don't understand what is going on here, since I registered and paid money to the person I was asked to donate to I HV not been able to log in. And I wonder why its taken this long cos I HV joined over three weeks now and I hv not bn pear with anybody.

  22. Enter your comment…pls someone should help me cos I hv donated 5k to Akinbola Joshua n he has confirmed me 4 over a week now but I hv not bn paired.what's going on.

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