20 Trending Internet Ponzi Schemes in Nigeria (2016 – 2017)

It’s very sad knowing that the current state of the economy has forced most Nigerians to participate in several ponzi schemes in order to make profit and earn a living. These ponzi schemes has indeed proven to be very helpful and is now seen as a good online business to many, in this recession. However the fear is, they are never reliable.



In a ponzi scheme there must always be a looser, which is why members are advised to only participate with their SPARE money. But most people still ignore this warning and invest heavily so as to make more profit. In this post, I’m going to be listing some of the most popular ponzi schemes in Nigeria.
This a list of the popular Ponzi schemes in Nigeria currently. Note that some of these online donation exchange platforms may have suspended operations due to technical issue or bad management.  

1.  Get Help Worldwide – To Read a Review or Register – Click Here
7. Zarfund
8. Claritta
10. Venzax




11. ExEarn
12. Naracle
13. Pay Doublers
14. 247 Helpers
15. Loopers Club
16. Donation Hub
17. Naira Propella
18. Digital Portal Club
19. Givers Forum
20. Citi Fund

If you wish to participate in any of the Ponzi Schemes listed above, remember to invest wisely using your spare money. Also note that Buka’s Blog is NOT in any way affiliated to GreenSpeer, MMM or any other Ponzi scheme. Members should participate at their own risk.


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