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Download CEBU NET V4.1, Shadowsocks .APK VPN + Latest Config (New Update)

    Download Latest Shadowsocks VPN and Settings 

    Browse free with shadowsocks VPN using 9mobile – to get the ip and settings – Click Here

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    Download Postern VPN Latest Version .apk

    Download postern vpn – Click Here

    CEBU NET vpn V4.1-REBUILD – Click Here

    Globe LTE/TM LTE (Recommended)
    Pocket Wifi / Mobile Data
    Default APN
    How to Use Shadowsocks
    After download, Go to settings and Copy the settings below into the fields.
    Now save and connect.

    Shadowsocks Config (New Update) (Leechers/Established)

    1. Server:
    Port: 443
    Password: O3zwmBZ4a6eog5fv
    Encrytion Method: aes-256-cfb
    2. Server:
    Port: 80
    Password: cQnwyiNG
    Encryption Method: aes-256-cfb
    3. Server:
    Port: 80
    Password: N15losK2XEc3emc2
    Encryption Method: aes-256-cfb
    4. Server:
    Port: 443
    Password: 63275319
    Encryption Method: rc4-md5
    5. Server:
    Port: 80
    Password: hKDNE7oO5dcVvgt7
    Encryption Method: aes-256-cfb
    6. Server:
    Port: 80
    Password: Kap2HTiZvpVJT8ph
    Encryption Method: aes-256-cfb
    7. Server:
    Port: 80
    Password: ynoBFG9lv67T5VmP

    Encryption Method: aes-256-cfb
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