Make N6,000 Daily for 60day, Join Boonbuy Network Today

Hello, have you heard of Boonbuy Network, it is NOT a Ponzi or an MLM scheme, it is a reliable trading & eCurrencies service in Nigeria. Boonbuy is registered with CAC and FIRS and their office address is located at 58 Itire road, Surulere, Lagos.

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BoonBuy Network also known as BBN was founded in 2013 as an eCurrency exchange, but today it has helped so many individuals financially by making money available for their businesses to grow.

BBN Network offers the following services;
1. Bitcoin Trading
2. Blogging
3. E-Commerce
4. Advertising

Below are the following investment packages on Boonbuy that offer a 3% return on investment daily;
1. Starter Plan 
N5,000 – This plan offers N150 daily for 90days giving investors a total of N13,500

N10,000 – This plan offers N300 daily for 90days giving investors a total of N27,000

N20,000 – This plan offers N600 daily for 90days giving investors a total of 54,000.
N50,000 – This plan offers N1,500 daily for 90days giving, investors a total of N135,000.
2. Advance Plan 
N100,000 – This plan offers a N3000 ROI daily for 90days, giving investors a total of N270,000.
N200,000: This plan offers a N6000 ROI daily for 60 days, giving investors a total of N360,000.

N500,000 – This plan offers a N15,000 ROI daily for 45 days, giving investors a total of N675,000

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Wow, I’m interested, So how can i Open a Boonbuy Account?

Follow these instruction carefully to avoid issues;

New participants should Click HERE to fill in their details.

Select Market Place to Purchase BBNcoin from a merchant for activation



How do i pay for my preferred investment plan?
Below are the procedures to activate your Boonbuy account by yourself;

BBNCoin Transfer

In this method, activation is instant. A merchant credits the account of the new funder with the BBNcoin required for the investment plan. The new funder will then login his/her account, go to PLANS and click “Activate”.

You can get a list of verified BBN Merchants in the “Market Place” section of the platform or you can also buy BBN coin from your Sponsor/Referrer. If you want to buy BBNcoin from me – Join the Telegram Group. 
To read more about Boonbuy Network Click Here

DISCLAIMER: Buka’s Blog is NOT in any way affiliated to Boonbuy, MMM or any other Online Investment. Investors should participate at their own risk.

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Make N6,000 Daily for 60day, Join Boonbuy Network Today
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  1. Guys BBN sure o. This is my 2nd month now. I get 1500 daily on my plan. Long Live Boonbuy.

  2. Pls how long has this boonbuy been working and i hope they are reliable?

  3. True talk. Online transfer method na long thing. I paid at the bank and got activated 4 hrs later. Now my boonbuy is Booming

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