How to Register for Interswitch Safe Token OTP via ATM

With the recent increase in online transactions like Online Shopping, Payment of Bills and Airtime Recharge things have become more efficient and convenient. But unfortunately, ATM debit cards aren’t automatically setup for this feature, so if you want to carry out these kind of online transactions, you have to activate your Verve, Visa or MasterCard Naira Debit Card for Interswitch Safe Token OTP.


Have you ever tried to complete an online transaction such as Airtime Recharge or Online Shopping but couldn’t because your ATM debit card isn’t activated to receive a safe token OTP(One Time Password).
In this post, I’m going to show you how to activate safe token on your Verve, Visa or MasterCard Naira Debit Card at the ATM, following these few steps,
What is Safe Token
This is a password which you’ll receive on your phone when you are making an online transaction on interswitch payment portal. In order for the transaction to be complete, you must type the code into the box on the screen to confirm the transaction.
How to activate Safe Token using any ATM in Nigeria.
Go to the nearest ATM and insert your card and type in your PIN.
Then select your bank account type (Current or Savings)




Select Quickteller> Pay Bills > Others
Then Enter 322222as Biller Code
Type in your Phone number for customer reference, then Enter
A charge of N1 will be displayed on the screen, click on “Pay Amount Due”.
That’s all, from now on you’ll be able to receive Safe Token OTP when making online payments.






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