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Lassa Fever in Nigeria: Causes, Symptoms and Prevention Tips

With the recent Lassa fever outbreak in 12 Nigerian states, its advised to be very aware about this deadly disease so as to protect your self and your loved ones from this viral hemorrhagic fever.

Causes of Lassa Fiver.
Lassa Fiver is transmitted by animals such as rodents, when we humans somehow come in contacts with their droppings such as faeces or urine.

Symptoms of Lassa Fiver
Lassa fever, which is commonly found in west african countries has claim so many lives in Nigeria, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea etc.

An acute illness is said to develop in victims 6 to 21 days. And below are some of the symptoms;

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Gastrointestinal tract
Vomiting (bloody)
Diarrhea (bloody)
Stomach ache
Dysphagia (difficulty swallowing)
Cardiovascular system
Tachycardia (abnormally high heart rate)
Respiratory tract
Chest pain
Nervous system
Unilateral or bilateral hearing deficit

If you or a friend is currently experiencing few of these symptoms, its advised they seek medical help urgently.

Lassa Fever Prevention Tips
1). Keep your home clean and free from rodents.

2). Avoid physical contact with rodent droppings, always treat with extreme caution. Make sure you use the appropriate materials to clean droppings such as faeces and urine, then sanitise when you are done.

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3. Maintain a good personal hygiene by washing your hands and showering often. This is also very important.

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