Price List of Tecno | Infinix | Gionee | Samsung Smartphones – 2018

Nigeria has the fastest growing mobile markets in the Africa today a lot of foreign mobile brands make their way into the Nigerian market every quarter of the year and are very appreciated by customers.  Based on logistics, some of the most popular brands currently are Tecno, Infinix, Gionee, Innjoo Samsung and HTC.



The mobile phones produced by these brands are in high demand in the Nigerian market. So today, I will be listing the bestselling Tecno | Infinix | Gionee | Samsung smartphones in the market in 2017 and their prices.

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Price of Samsung Phones this month


Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016)A310: N70,000
Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017)A320F N82,000
Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 ): N89,000
Samsung Galaxy A5 2017): N98000
Samsung Galaxy A7 (A710 2016): N100,000
Samsung Galaxy A7 (A710 2017: N110,000
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus:-N200,000
Samsung Galaxy S8 : N158,000
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Dual (N9200)= N130,000
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 N300,000
Samsung Galaxy J1 ACE – N21,000
Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini Prime: N19,000
Samsung Galaxy J2: N25,000
Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime: N55,000
Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime: N60,000
Samsung Galaxy S5: N70,000
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge : N120,000
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge plus N200,000
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge : N220,000
Samsung Galaxy Tab E: N50,000
Samsung Galaxy Tab T585N {10.1}: N80,000
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 : N150,000
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0 (T285) – N40,000






Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus – N30,000

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Price of Infinix Phones this month

2018 Price of INFINIX Products

Infinix Note 2 (1GB RAM) : N29,500
Infinix Note 2 (2GB RAM) : N35,000
Infinix Note 3 X601 16GB + 2 : N40,500
Infinix Note 4 X572 16GB + 2 :N43,000
Infinix Note 4 pro N49,000
Infinix Note 3 pro N42,500
Infinix Zero 2: N32,000
Infinix Zero 3: N49,000
Infinix Zero 4: N67,000
Infinix Zero 4 Plus 4GB: N79,000
Infinix Zero 5 6GB N100,000
Infinix Hot 3: N28,000
Infinix Hot S: N40,000
Infinix S2 Pro: N49,000
Infinix Hot 4 Lite 16GB/1GB (X557): N28,500
Infinix Hot 4 16GB/2GB (X557) PRO : N37,500
Infinix Hot 5 Lite 16GB/1GB. N32,000
Infinix Hot 5. 16GB/2GB N43,000
Infinix Hot Note X551: N18,000

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Price of GIONEE Phones this month

Latest Price List of GIONEE PRODUCT

Gionee Pioneer P3S NGN 20,000
Gionee Pioneer P4S NG 30,600
Gionee – P5 Mini ?16,500
Gionee – P5W ?24,500
Gionee Ctrl V5 NNG 28,000
Gionee – F103 ?34,400
Gionee F5 N59,000
Gionee M2 NGN 44,600
Gionee Marathon M4 NNG 55,400
Gionee – Marathon M5 ?60,000
Gionee M5 Plus N70,000
Gionee – M5 Mini Machine ?30,500
Gionee Marathon M6 N98, 000
Gionee M6 plus N120,000
Gionee A1 N70,800
Gionee M7 power N85,000
Gionee Steel 2 N47,000
Gionee F105 NGN 50,000
Gionee S6s ?53,500
Gionee S6 Pro NG 84,000
Gionee Elife E7 Mini NNG 74,800
Gionee Elife E8 NGN 125,000
Gionee W909 NNG 170,000

Gionee M2017 : #350,000

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Price of TECNO Phones this month

Price List of TECNO PRODUCT – 2018

Tecno S3 — ?12,000 (hot deal)
Tecno S5 — ?14,500 (hot deal)
Tecno S7 — ?17,000
Tecno D1 — ?8,500
Tecno D9 — ?11,800
Tecno M5 — ?14,000 (hot deal)
Tecno M7 — ?18,500.00
Tecno P5 — ?11,100
Tecno Phantom A3 — ?37,000
Tecno Phantom A+ plus — ?26,800
Tecno H3 — ?9,800
Tecno H5 — ?10,000
Tecno M3 — ?9,800
Tecno Phantom Pad Mini (P9) — ?20,500
Tecno Q1 — ?10,000. (hot deal)
Tecno R7 — ?33,000
Tecno Phantom 6 Plus: N85,000
Tecno Phantom 8 N110,000
Tecno Boom J5: N12,400
Tecno Boom J7: N13,000
Tecno Boom J8: N32,500
Tecno Y6: N14,000
Tecno C5: N25,500
Tecno Camon CX: N49,000
Tecno Camon CX Air: N36,500
Tecno Camon C7: N28,000
Tecno Camon C8: N29,500
Tecno Camon C9: N43,000
Tecno Phantom 5: N65,000
Tecno WinPad 2 10.1: N86,000
Tecno pad3 N40,000
Tecno 7C Pro: N23,000
Tecno L8 Lite: N29,000
Tecno L8: N35,000
Tecno L9 : N37,000
Tecno L9 Plus: N40,000
Tecno spark plus k9 N30,000
Tecno spark k7 N26,500
Tecno W1: N10,500
Tecno W2: N11,500
Tecno W3: lite N14,000
Tecno W3 : N17,500
Tecno W4: N24,000
Tecno W5 Lite: N29,500
Tecno W5. N35,000
Tecno wx3 lite N18,500
Tecno wx3 pro N23,500
Tecno wx4 N27,000
TECNO i3. N19,500
TECNO i3 PRO, N23,500
TECNO i5. N27,000
TECNO i5 PRO. N30,500
TECNO i7. N35,500
T350: N2,800
T349: N2,300

Tecno DroidPad 10 Pro II: N85,000

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