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So many people keep asking how they can manually configure their phone to browse. Sometimes they even go to the customer care service centers of their mobile operators to get their phone configured for internet service.  

Although, not everyone faces this problem because some mobile phones automatically get configured by their service providers, simply by inserting the SIM card into the device.

So today, for the sake of those who need to do theirs manually, I’m going to show you how. All you need to do is to follow all my instruction carefully.

We will be working with 3 networks, MTN Benin, Glo Benin and Moov. As we all know, internet connectivity on MTN Benin and Moov has seriously improved over the past few months. This is because they both lunched 3G service on their network. So if you want to enjoy your browsing, I advice you get on these networks.






Okay let’s start …  
I’m going to start by telling you the function of each setting. The internet configuration settings are of 3 types depending on your device. They are;

Internet setting – This kind of setting doesn’t require an I.P address for connectivity only APN, and Port. It’s used mostly on sophisticated mobile devices.

WAP setting – This kind of setting works on all kinds of devices, and also uses all internet protocol setting like I.P, username, password, APN, port  etc. its like an older version of Internet configuration settings.

Multimedia settings – This is MMS. It is the configuration that allows you to send multimedia message from one device to another.
MTN Benin Internet Configuration Settings
Name: – MTN internet
Username: – internet
Password: – internet
Homepage –
I.P:- leave blank
Port: – 8080
Name:- MTN WAP
Username – wapmtn
Password – wapmtn
I.P –
Port – 8080
Homepage –
Name – MTN MMS
Username – mmsmtn
Password – mmsmtn
I.P –
Port – 8080

Moov Benin Internet Configuration Settings
Name: – Moov
APN:- moov
Homepage –
Username: – Moov
Password: – moov
I.P:- leave blank
Port: – leave blank
Name – Moov MMS
APN – mmsetbj
Username – mmsetbj
Password – mmsetbj
I.P –
Port – 8080
Glo Benin Internet Settings
Name: – Glo Internet
Username: – wap
Password: – wap
APN:- glowap
Port: – 3128

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