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Many people still find it difficult sending airtime to friends and loved ones, so today for the sake of those who don’t know how, I’m going to show you how its done on all the GSM networks in Nigeria. I hope you find this post helpful.

How to Transfer Airtime on MTN Nigeria
This service is called MTN share and sell. It allows subscribers send airtime credit to one another with ease. To activate this service you have to first get a PIN and to do so you have to send an SMS in this format “Default PIN New PIN NEW PIN” to 777, For example “0000 4321 4321” to 777. This can also be done by dialing *601*Default PIN*New PIN*New PIN#

You will now receive a confirmation message notifying you of your changed pin.
To share credit with other MTN subscribers, simply send an SMS in the following format “Transfer  Recipient Number Amount PIN” to 777 for example “Transfer 08031234567 500 4321” to 777. 

After sending a message, you will receive a text notifying you of the pending transaction, you will now have to reply by sending YES to 777.

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How to Transfer Airtime Credit on Airtel Nigeria
You can transfer credit from one airtel phone to another using Airtel Me2U. To set up Airtel me2U, you have to first of all change the default PIN, to change your AirtelMe2U PIN you have to send an SMS in this format, PIN 1234 NEW PIN to 432, For example “PIN 1234 3333” to 432. 

After the PIN has been changed you can now transfer airtime by using this format, “2U Airtime Number Amount PIN” to 432, for example 2U 08021234567 200 3333 to 432. You and the recipient will then receive an SMS notifying you of the completion of the transaction.
How to Transfer Airtime on Glo
With GLO Me2u, subscribers can now send credit from one Glo number to another simply by using this code *131*Recipient Number*Amount*PIN#, Make sure that you do not include the first digit of the number

For example(*131*8051234567*700*1111#) All subscribers should note that before you can make use of Glo Me2U, You’ll have to activate this service by creating your PIN, And to do this you’ll have to dial *132*0000*New PIN*New PIN again#, For Example (*132*0000*1111*1111#). You and the recipient will then receive an SMS notifying you of the completion of the transaction.

This service also has a transfer limit. The minimum amount of airtime that can be transferred at once is N50 and the Maximum is N1000.
How to Transfer Credit on Etisalat Nigeria
To transfer airtime credit from one etisalat subscriber to another, all you have to do is dial *223*PIN*Amount*Recipient Number#, for example *223*0000*400*0809123456783#. Note that your default PIN is 0000 but if you would like to change it you will have to contact their customer care.

All subscribers are to note that terms and conditions apply. Let me know if they is anything you don’t understand, I’ll gladly explain.

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