How to Solve a “d3dx9_43.dll Missing” Error Message

Hello, today I will like to share a solution to an error I experienced while trying to install a program on my PC, for the sake of anyone who might be having the same issue. I was trying to install PES2015 on my windows 8.1 PC when I got an error message saying “This program can’t start because d3dx9_43.dll is missing from your computer, try re-installing the program to fix this problem”.

At first, I didn’t understand this error message so I re-installed the game and still got the same error message.
So I did some research and found out this problem is common with lots of PC games that depend on Microsoft Direct X to function properly. This is because DirectX End-User Runtime is the program that enables all high-speed multimedia programs and PC games to function properly. 

Therefore for the program to run you need to have the latest version Direct X installed on your computer.   At last I was able to fix it by following the steps below;

You will have to visit Microsoft Download Center HEREto get a DirectX End-User Runtime Web installer (dxwebsetup.exe).

After the download, Run as Administrator.

This installer will then search for and update all DirectX End-User Runtime components on your system. (The screenshot above shows a search and update of Direct X runtime components). 

The process can last for about 30mins or more depending on your internet connectivity.
When the installation is done, Restart your system and Run your Program.



Your system is now running with the latest DirectX End-User Runtime components, this change therefore takes effect in all affected programs that required a Direct X update.


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