Tips on how to Disable those Annoying Caller Tunes on all Networks

Caller tune is an exciting service but it can be frustrating when you have difficulties turning it off. A friend narrated his experience using this service, saying he decided to stop caller tunes because the network automatically subscribes him to the service. But he just couldn’t deactivate it, so after we figured it out, I decided to share it to help others who are facing this dilemma.

Most times, all we see in the adverts are the codes to Opt in, we don’t see the code to Opt Out, Below are the instruction on how to Opt Out of Ring Back Tunes.

How to Unsubscribe from MTN CallerTunez
To deactivate caller tune on MTN, send “CANCEL” to 4100. You will then receive an SMS notifying you that you’ve successfully unsubscribed from MTN CallerTunez.
How to Unsubscribe from Airtel Caller Tunes
Etisalat Nigeria subscribers can deactivate Ring back tunes by sending “RBTOFF” to 251. A confirmation message will be to short phone shortly after.
How to Unsubscribe from Glo Caller Tunes
Glo Mobile subscriber can cancel caller tune on their line by texting “DEREG” to 7728. The service will then be stopped as soon as the message is delivered.
How to Unsubscribe from Airtel Caller Tunes



You can deactivate Airtel Ring back tunes by texting “STOP” to 791.




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