Download Now: Fast XP Psiphon v7, v6 , V5, V4 (Perfectly Working)

Download XP Psiphon v7.0.0
How to install v7
1. Uninstall old XP Psiphon

2. Download the latest from the download link

What’s new?
Version 7.0.0 build 50
-Advanced Tethering tool
-Secured Configuration
-Fully Materialize
-Added server entries
-Remove webview ads
-Added banner ads
-Fixed force stop on API 19+
-Added Diagnostic tool
-New Improve UI
-IP Hunter (soon non root method)

Download XP Psiphon V6.0.0  Build 42 (5.07MB)

-Secured Config
-Splash Theme
-Auto import
-fix minor bugs
-Improve UI
-Updated US, India and Singapore Server
Clear Data before opening the app
Download XP Psiphon v.5.0.35 (4.28MB)
Fixed IP address Detector
Fix IP hunter(IPv6)
New XP Payload Option
Improved UI
Fixed Host Checker








Download XP Psiphon v4 (4.71MB)
Fix IP hunter(95% working)
Fix Host Checker(70% working)
XP Importer
-Using this feature you can import .xp file
XP Exporter
-Using this feature you can create .xp config file, this feature will prevent from reporting our working proxies/url
Added notification
-this featues was remove in xp psiphon v3
Updated XP Generator
-Remove useless checkbox
Change HTTP and Socks port
-this will remove cap for some location ( Beta )
-JVD (Dzebb)
-Http injector(Ui)
-Finch VPN(Ui)
-Psiphon Inc.,
-Lingala zip4j(Modded)
-Helyx( Tethering )

Happy Surfing!


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