• How to Login mobileforms.co & Register for NPower Field Agent Job

    Npower has partnered with Mobile forms to empower more Nigerian youths through market survey. Mails have already been sent out to various NPower applicants notifying them of the steps to take in registering for NPower Mobile forms Africa.

    This post will answer some frequently asked question about Mobile Forms Africa and how you can make money from MobileForms.

      What is Mobile Form Africa

      It’s a Market survey program which pays npower field agents for the information which they gather for customers using their android mobile devices.

      How much does Mobile Forms pay

      Jobs typically pay between 1 to 10 dollars (equivalent in your local currency) per submission. Some Jobs allow multiple submissions, so the more you submit the more the reward.

      What will i be asked to do

      A variety of jobs are available through the app. Common jobs include market price checks, in-store display checks, and consumer surveys. The app may, for instance, ask you to go to a designated market, find a specific product, take a photo of it, and, then, answer a few questions about it (e.g., How much does the product cost?). Consumer surveys, on the other hand, can often be taken from anywhere.

      When will I be paid

      Your reward will be shown in the App. We typically payout rewards twice a month to your specified bank account or phone number in your local currency. You can also request a payout by sending a mail to [email protected]

      How to Apply/Register for NPower Mobile Forms

      To begin Download the android app. – Click Here
      Complete your profile so we know the type of jobs that suits you.




      Start working and get paid. It’s as easy as that

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