Metro Digital TV Bouquet | Decoder Price | Channel List and How to fix Viewing Problems

QTV Plus / Metro TV is another pay TV that operates in certain cities in Nigeria. They offer entertaining contents like Football (EPL, La Liga etc), Movies(MBC 1, 2) and Music and Fashion channels at a very affordable price.

How Many Channels are on QTV(ABG) Plus / Metro Digital TV ?
There are about 60 Premium. channels on Metro TV that show the latest of sports, Movie, Fashion, News and entertaining programmes.
Below are a list channels on Metro TV. All beinsport channels. others are cnn, bbc, aljazera, mbc 2,4 and mbc action and max, ait, channels tv, mtv, mtv base,
nta, sound city, joy sport, dubai sport 1, ad sport 6, tbn, ewtn, cn, natgeo wild, wwe, ait sport, dubai one, cctv news, joy tv, dove vision, france 24, Emerald, city tv, igbo tv, bollywood, series, 4kids,  sony, star movie, star world, natgeo, bloomberg, nollywood, discovery, makosa, fox, fox movie, child, bet, e channel and gh one.
How much is Metro Digital TV Decoder and Subscription and How many Bouquet/ Packages does Metro TV have?
Metro Digital TV decoder cost 13,900 to purchase contact a dealer on 08174637583
Metro Basic this plan has over 20 channels at 1500 Naira per
Metro Single Gold this bouquet has Over 60 channels at 3500 Naira per month
Metro Dual Goldthis package is for Dual View decoder and has over 60 channels and costs 4500 Naira per month
Metro Single Premium this bouquet has over 60 channels plus premium content at 4000 Naira per month
Metro Dual Premium – this bouquet is for dual view decoders and has over 60 channels plus premium content at 5000 Naira per month.
Where in Nigeria Does Metro Digital TV(Metro TV) Work?
Metro TV works perfectly with full signal in these cities;
Port Harcourt, Abuja, Owerri , Enugu, Umuahia, Uyo, Warri, Benin, Onitsha, Aba
I want to Purchase a Decoder, Where are Metro TV
offices in Nigeria Located?
If you need a QTV Plus/Metro TV dealer or you having technical
difficulties such as NO Signal(Access), Channel not Showing or delay in Account Activation after subscription, you can call Metro TV customer
care on 08174637583 or visit either of their branche below;
Their office is Emzab plaza, 68 Gado Nasko way, Kubwa, near total filling station.
How to Check Metro Digital TV Subscription Expiry Date, Redeem Vouchers and Refresh Subscription.
To redeem your vouchers from the convenience of your homes, refresh your subscriptions and check the date of expiry and bouquets with your phone use the code format below;
To Refresh– Type Metro smartcard number*Refresh, send to 32810
For expiry date and bouquet status– Type Metro smartcard number*Status, send to 32810
To redeem your voucher– Type Metro smartcard number*voucher number, send to 32810.
Note- smartcard number consists of only the 1st 11 digits on your smart card.
SMS charges apply
How to Fix Poor Signal Viewing Issues on Metro Tv
This problem is usally caused by bad antenna positioning, to fix this problem make sure your antenna is adjusted in the optimal position, you will need to put your decoder in the channel 54 page where you are seeing the signal intensity as 0, then gradually turn the antenna to the right/left and watch the signals closely as it increases to above 50%, then everything will be fine to search.
How to Manually Scan Metro TV Decoder.
To restore your favourite Metro TV channels scan your decoder following the instructions below,
For older customers with older decoders:
1. Press the Menu button on your remote control, confirm you are in the Edit Channel sub menu.
2. Use the right arrow and select the Delete All option, please confirm with a Yes to delete all your channels.
3. Select the Installation submenu, select the Manual scan option.
4. Change the Scan band from VHF to UHF, then select the channel number 52, please kindly confirm a signal intensity/quality of above 50%, then select the search option to scan the channels.
5. Repeat step 4, for channel numbers 54,56 and 59 and your channels will be restored…
For newer subscribers with the HD100 and HD110 decoders:
1. Press Menu on your remote,locate the System submenu, and select Restore Factory Default, the password is all zeros.
2.Press OK to complete the process.
3. In the Installation guide page, press Exit in your remote control.
4. Select LCN option to Off.
5. Move to the Channel Search submenu and select Manual Search
6. Change the frequency channel to 52,confirm that your signal strength/quality is above 50%, then press OK to scan.
7. Go back to the Menu option, and repeat steps 5 and 6 with the frequency channels 54, 56 and 59.


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  1. I text decoder Num n status then send to 32810 but no reply.I always have challenges in checking my expiry date.I’m tired of metro oo,always scramble channels as well.(014 2710 1068-9

  2. You people are not reliant, when you pay. One start going through hiccups to activate it. It's so annoying. When you call, no response or send sms no reply. Very bad customer care.

  3. How do I renew expired subscription without searching around town for an office to buy voucher?

  4. I wanted to buy in Uyo and I was told there was no metro signal in Uyo. Please can you confirm there is metro signal around Aka Etinan junction, Uyo?

  5. Enter your comment…please movie Africa as in the channel where Nollywood movie is showing, old movies repeatedly. So annoying. U guys should upgrade even movie Asia. Thanks

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