How to Convert Your Old BBNcoin To New BBNcoin and Bitcoin

    Benefit of Conversion of Old Coin to The New Coin

    – Your coin becomes an asset which will appreciate in value over time
    – You can exchange your BBNcoin on an exchange platform where BBN is registered
    – You can keep your BBNcoin to appreciate in value
    – You can exchange your BBNcoin with other cryptocurrencies
    – The transactions on are transparent.

    Pre ICO Duration

    Pre-ICO is a period in which Funders are allowed to convert their Old BBNcoin to the New BBNcoin via will take place for 7 days, starting from 22 /11/17 to 29/11/17

    ICO Proper

    After the Pre-ICO, BBNcoin will be launched at the international market for all other proposed would-be BBNcoin holders. The ICO shall will place from the 30/11/17 – 29/1//18. Meanwhile, within this period, all trading will be suspended on till the end of ICO

    Public ICO Period

    2 months
    Start Date: 30/11/18
    End Date: 29/1/18

    Future Of BBNcoin

    BBNcoin will also be used for different transaction such as E-Commerce, Funds Transfer, and also to acquire Real Estate assets.(etc)

    How to Convert Your BBNcoin To Bitcoin

    After the ICO, BBNcoin will be available on exchangers worldwide such as Bitfinex, YObits, Cryptopia, HitBTC, BBN Marketplace etc. After the ICO,(and) Funders can approach any of the exchanger platforms to collect either Bitcoin or other alt coins.

    * Log on to with your current logon details (Username & Password)
    *Click on MENU for drop down on the homepage
    * Click on EXCHANGE
    *Scroll down & click “MIGRATE TO NEW WALLET”
    * Click on “BUY” when Terms and conditions appears.
    Note:*Migration process take place for 7days, starting from *22/11/2017 – 29/11/2017




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    BBNcoin On Exchangers

    After the ICO BBNcoin will be registered on other exchanges worldwide, which will be available for traders

    BBNcoin Value After ICO

    Currently, BBNcoin is valued at $2.70 per 1 BBNcoin. After ICO the value will be determined by traders and it is mostly based on demand and supply.

    Why BBNcoin Is Converting From To $

    The Dollar is the standard currency for most international transactions. Since BBNcoin will be selling its coin at the international market and the dollar value has to be known for all other countries who wish to buy the coin. During the process of conversion, all Funders’ BBNcoin will be divided by 1000 and the BBN value will be $2.70
    For example, 100,000 BBNcoins divided by 1000 = 100 BBNcoins X $2.70 = $270. You will then convert this to Naira equivalent, which will give you around N97,065 (based on current value of Dollar – Naira, which is $1 – N359) Remember, this value can either appreciate or depreciate.

    BBNcoin Technology

    Technology always creates two contexts; how you can do things better and what you can do. Below is the technological specification on how BBNcoin was developed.
    BBNcoin Specification
     –  Coin Algorithm (*PoW)
     –  Coin Abbreviation: BBN
     –  Maximum Coin Supply: 100 million
     –  Coinbase Maturity: 1Block
     –  Total PoW (Proof of Work) Block: 183
     –  PoW (Proof of Work) Block Reward : 20 BBNcoin
     –  Block Spacing : 15 Secs
     –  Maximum Block Size: 8388608
    Do not forget to remind your friends and other co-Funders to participate in the migration exercise, as this is vital to moving forward with us to the next trajectory of our journey.
    Again, the BBNcoin in your kitty is an asset. As with most assets, they usually appreciate in value over time.
    Expect more updates.

    We are moving forward. Yes we are! Thank you for choosing Boonbuy

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    How to Convert Your Old BBNcoin To New BBNcoin and Bitcoin
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