Training Methods to Make a Guard or Pet Dog Aggressive

Through the ages, man has called dog one of his closest companions. A dog is also considered to be a protector, helper, lifesaver, and provider. For these reason, Most people are not okay with their dogs being way too friendly with strangers.

A dog owner feels more protected when the dog acts mean to strangers unless instructed to be calm by the owner. If you have friendly do that rarely barks and does show aggression towards strangers or intruders, this post will provide you with some useful hints on how to take to make your dog aggressive on command.
1. Chaining your Dog or Locking it up an area that he has no interaction with the outside world only through gates or bars can make it very mean to strangers. This method has proven to be very succesfully, however it also make the dog excessively wild to everyone even the owner.
2. Aggressive play should be encouraged Playing games like tug-of-war is an acceptable aggressive game to play for a dog. This type of game makes him tough. Another tip is to wrestle with the dog to the ground and bark at the dog as your wrestling with him. Make rough sounds and always let the dog win.
3. Encourage the dog to attack other animals such are cats, squirrels or intruders. While doing so, make sure you use words that the dog can remember such as ‘Go get em’, ‘Kill ‘ or ‘Sic em’. The dog will get used to these commands over time.
4. Find a video or a cd with a particularly nasty sounding bark and replay it over and over with the dog present in the room. Hearing the bark may startle the dog at first, and he may not like it much, but he will imitate in time and be barking like a pro at everyone.
Pet him when he barks or give him a treat every time he barks at anything. Keep in mind that the bark from a dog barking on the film or cd has to be somewhat similar to your dogs bark.
5. Abruptly reach for your dog or its collar and pull it. This makes your dog become irritated and more aggressive. Jerk the collar or leash or use it in a forceful manner every now and then. Disturb your dog when it’s resting, sleeping, or lying in front of a door. This will make him more alert.
6. Mistreat your dog. A little mistreatment will not hurt your dog. Instead this will make him less sociable. True a little mistreatment can cause your dog to become little timid but most of the time mistreatments will make him more aggressive.
7. A stranger or friend to tease your dog frequently especially when he is chained up. Grab a stick or ropes to tease the chained dog. Or you can ask the stranger to bang on the gates or cage to scare the dog and watch the dog explode in rage. In time this technique will make the dog more alert and more aggressive. He will begin to hate strangers and be more protective.

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