How to Login to & Do Vehicle Number Plate Verification

The Federal Road Safely Corps has made it mandatory for all motorists in Nigeria to verify the authenticity of their vehicle plate number. This is because it was discovered that most vehicle owners were given fake registration and number plates or number plates that have already been assigned to other vehicle. This fraudulent act was done during registration by unauthorized persons claiming to work for the FRSC. The FRSC cautions Nigerians to only register and acquire number plates at authorized state licensing offices.

List of Approved Center to Register New Car Plate Number in Nigeria
For a full list of FRSC offices where one can register vehicle plate number Click HERE
How to Check If Your Nigerian Car Plate Number Is Original
Nigerians can now check the genuineness of their vehicle registration and vehicle number plates ONLINE via the Federal Road Safely Corps online Information Verification Portal.




Input your “New Number Plate” registration number in the space provided
Click on “Verify ” button
Send the Number Plate in The following format ”verifyplateno  the number plate” to 33324. For example “verifyplateno  ABC123AA” to 33324
There is no space between “verifyplateno”
There is space between verifyplateno and the registration number
There is no space between the number “ABC123AA”
The check is for only New Number Plate
Errors Messages
invalid/wrong number plate
number produce by FRSC but not assign to any vehicle yet





If you get any of these error messages while checking to see if your number plate and vehicle license is original, contact the nearest FRSC office to resolve the issue.


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